Close enough.

cimg0090(Little’s Christmas a few years ago – that card thing is a rawhide)

Today is going to be a Very Exciting Day for our country. I can feel it. Dixville Notch voted for Obama in the first election results (census of town: something like 20), and if you know anything about that neck of this country, it is not an area that is likely to vote for a Democrat or (if we’re being honest) a minority (the last Dem they elected was in 1968!!!)

So to that, I say, Merry Christmas! Go make yourself some coffee and trudge out to the polls in your sweatpants in the morning (like me), or after work, like others, or at lunch, if you can do that, and GO VOTE!! Go vote like your life depends on it, to quote the woman on Larry King a few minutes ago! (And pay attention to your local elections, too – nothing makes me madder at myself than failing to pay attention to the other issues on the ballot! This year I volunteered for my local state campaign because it was quite the exciting campaign, but that’s not normal for me.) Then pop some popcorn, crack a beer, open wine (I believe we are out of wine, so it might be a pizza and beer night) and watch the returns.

Oh, I love Election Day. Seriously. Some people love the Superbowl, or the World Series, or the World Poker Championships, or the Tour de France…I love election day. Even when my candidate is going to totally lose. Although I have to say I felt very cheated in 2000 – I was a senior in college, and I had mono, and I had saved up all of my energy (by sleeping all day) to watch the election returns that night. I was up for a few hours, and they called the race for Gore, so I took a little nap (mono, right?) – when I woke up at 3:00 am, there was no winner. It was very depressing. And 2004 was beyond depressing – I took the day off the next day (I’m not kidding) and cried for, like, a week. And mourned the loss of the ability to defect from this country because of DB’s job (we were engaged at that point).

So let’s VOTE, man!

To big change coming our way! 🙂

P.S. Seriously – John McCain is having a rally at 1:00 am?!? He is really old – it is WAY past his bedtime!

PPS – Have I mentioned how much I dislike Joe The Traitor Lieberman? I do not understand how he can hold chairmanships and stand behind McCain on those platforms.

PPPS – I need to shut up and go to bed.