I am sitting in physics lecture right now. The guy is talking about forces and torque or something. And a spool. I frankly have no idea what he’s talking about.

I am sitting here, staring at MSNBC’s live updating poll results, willing the thing to refresh constantly. CONSTANTLY.

And I am about to puke.

Indiana is too close to call.

With ONE PERCENT of precincts reporting, Virginia voted 55% for McCain.

Now I realize this is stupid to get worked up over 1% of reporting, but my heart is with Virginia, my family is in Virginia, my alma mater is in Virginia, and I am really having a difficult time holding in my free coffee with the thought that Virginia – my beloved Virginia, home of the Wahoos – could go to McP. No, Virginia, no. Fight back! Come ON!

The other thing is that one of my very good friends – who is about as socially liberal as they come, really – she puts me to shame – just told me that she voted for McP. Which really put me over the edge.

So c’mon, Virginia: fight back. C’mon, my stomach: stay strong.

I didn’t even puke over the big discussion of careers, my life, our future kids. But this? This, all I can think about is the conglomerate face of ScalitoThomasRoberts (Scalia and Alito were rolled in there – I’m not good enough to do it with the others) deciding such important affairs as, oh, say, MY HEALTH. My right to keep my health records private. To keep the power of the executive branch in check. To ensure that women are not required to tell their husbands (even the abusive ones) that they are pregnant. Yes, folks, all of these things are at stake on the Court. (OK, the last one is not at stake right now, but it was, when Alito was in a lower court, and he ruled that women had to obtain consent from their husbands to obtain an abortion – the PP v. Casey decision.  He was the lone dissenter.) That ruling was subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court – but can you imagine if it came up on the court now?


Case in point.

(I will add some links in here when I am not in physics lecture.)

(No worries – if McP wins, I will abandon all plans to go to med school and devote my life to defeating Karl Rove.)