And now…for something way less intense.

One of the “major issue[s]” facing the Obama family is what type of dog to adopt. The future presidential dog must be hypoallergenic, since Malia, President Obama’s daughter, is allergic to dogs.

DB and I have decided that we should nominate our puppy’s breed, the Giant Schnauzer, for this Very Important Role.

Of course, we do not take this lightly. Although Little is a very good candidate for play time, romping around, and he is, as requested, hypoallergenic, he also has this certain other quirk: he doesn’t so much like new people coming into his space, although he’s very intelligent so he will sit and growl quietly at intruders until released (with a release word, which we unfortunately decided, with very little foresight, to be ‘OK’. Note to Obamas: do not use “OK” as your release word for your new furry friend.)

(For instance, a sample conversation in February 2009:

Mr. Obama:  “Little, lay down.”  (which means, “lay down and stay there” – we don’t use “stay” because otherwise what is he supposed to do?  right?  ok.)

Mr. Obama:  “So, Mr. Bush, it is interesting that you came back to see us so soon after you’ve moved out!  You really made a big mess of this country, and we are so glad that you’re far, far, far away!”

Mr. Bush:  “Oh, really?  Well,  Jed is planning to run in 2012…just to keep it all in the family, ya know?”

Mr. Obama:  “OK…well…”

(And Mr. Bush is a goner.)

(I know that was a stupid example, but do you know how hard it was to come up with something there?  It took forever!)


(Little demonstrating restraint.)

DB and I cackled at the thought of Obama meeting Putin with the Presidential Little next to him, growling away. We don’t think it would do wonders for our country’s international diplomacy efforts, although we do think that it would make the transition a little bit more seamless – Little could keep up the “if you’re not on my side, I’ll kill you” aspect of President Bush’s apparent foreign policy approach.

Little is an outdoor enthusiast and loves, loves, loves, loves, romping with children.



Oh, and pregnancy. He really loves pregnancy. It’s a little weird, so our suggestion is just to smile and nod. I don’t know if all Giant Schnauzers are like that, but man, he does love those pregnancy pheromones.

He is also very helpful around the house. He’s a great homework helper (sort of):


And if you have to fill in some holes in your cabinets because you have a mouse, well, he’s eager to help out with that, too.


(Note to GS owners: Yes, bad grooming on the tail. We really need to take care of that.)

And this I know is almost universal for his breed: he is a total food…well, he’ll do ANYTHING for food. He especially loves drive-throughs:


And he is very, very, very cute.


(OK, yes, I have picture-taking issues. I accidentally cut off his bottom face. Don’t hold it against him! Apparently we have a death of good pictures from when he is groomed.)

Little for First Dog!