I am trying to see if I can actually post on a daily basis, and I think I am like 30 minutes off by EST.  I do not want to fail at the NaBloPoMo if I sign up for it, and I have a feeling I will fail.  Alas.

So the other day, Little broke a nail playing with his buddy for several hours while I went to work (I do home visits; I dropped him off at a friend’s house and he played with their lab for 6 hours! Straight!).  I freaked out, because Giant Schnauzers are prone to toe cancer (SCC) – so DB and I, like overprotective parents, took him into the vet to be…vetted.  Ha ha.

Anyway, while we were there, there was this picture on the wall.  It was a phenomenal photo of a greyhound running, full steam ahead, legs extended, in perfect focus with the background out of focus, as if to demonstrate how incredibly fast she was running.

I fell in love with the photo.

I decided that Little, too, could be documented in this way.

By me.

So I realize on the last post there was this picture of Little with half a face missing.  I do not know what my problem was there – I am not usually THAT bad, but at that point, I had just gotten a new, exciting DSLR camera.  I had P&S cameras my whole life, and I had probably taken about 4000 pictures with those, and I decided, finally, that it was time to step up.

Stepping up, however, required a lot of new techniques if I wanted to avoid using the “P&S, even if you have a camera that really doesn’t require it”-setting.  So I read a book (I know, I am pathetic) and I practiced.  At least I  can say that I have now taken approximately a bajillion pictures, although about 2-3% of them are awesome.  (That is actually probably an excessive estimate.)

So here, I unveil to you, my attempts at action-photography of Little.  You might notice that I have a real issue with focusing on HIM, versus oh, say, the BACKGROUND.  Anyone?  Help?  I know you all are better than I am at this…

These were taken last weekend (the day after the vet visit – ha! I was so eager) and today, at some local parks.  Note pretty foliage, or former foliage on the ground.









Now, as you see these pictures, I am going to guess this is what is running through your mind:

1)  Wow, she really needs a child.  (Yes.)

2)  Wow, she really needs help with photography.  (Yes.  And you should see the ones that didn’t make it in here.  Seriously?  I probably have like 500 more.)  So tell me:  why on Earth is his face always blurry?!?  How can I be better?  I am going to do some internet research on this tomorrow, when I am procrastinating from Bio reading.

3)  Wow, her dog is really big.  (Definitely yes.)

Thoughts?  These were taken last weekend and this weekend, in my attempts to a) document the foliage and b) become more adept at taking action shots.

But see?  I can take one of his face:


Now you’re thinking one of two things:

a)  Wow, they actually own a Muppet, not a dog, or

b)  Don’t they ever GROOM him?!?

And the answer would be:  next week, and he’s definitely a dog.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some updates, including an update on this post (long overdue – sorry about that – the short answer is: GOOD NEWS!) and some updated pictures of our last few months (that will include our – gasp – faces! – and will be more explicit about our location).  As always for those types of topics, I will PW-protect it with PW.  I hate using different ones all of the time, but DB gets nervous, so I will probably have to.  If you would like the PW, shoot me an email or leave a comment here (basically, anyone who I’ve left a comment on their blog, or who knows me IRL).  I know there are throngs of you waiting.  🙂  Ha!

Have a good night!