DB is from Michigan, and I’m sort of from Michigan…which means that we (he) pays attention to the auto industry. We could not stop giggling over this from the Onion:

Jessica Kornbluth,
Dance Instructor
“Obama doesn’t need to give government money to the auto industry. He just has to tell his disciples to go out and buy a Pontiac, and we’ll do it.”

And the funny part is – DB feels very guilty that we drive an import, having spent the formative years of his career in the auto industry.

I don’t.

I figure, if the American auto industry was a little stronger and a car didn’t lose 50% of its value once purchased, yeah, I’d buy a Ford. BUT…it isn’t, and it doesn’t. (Not to say that our VW is all that great. It isn’t. As previously mentioned, it sundowns and needs frequent defibrillation, to our chagrin…but hey! It’s still worth something at 6.5 years old!)

Anyway, that is the funny quote from the Onion that we thought you should all read.

And….I will write an update later tonight, I promise.