Because you know what?  Sometimes I procrastinate A LOT.  Like now.  And sometimes, if I write everything I am thinking, I will stop procrastinating and get off my posterior and accomplish things.

So here are all of my oh-so-deep thoughts:

1)  I am becoming a total coffee snob.  I didn’t start drinking it until last December, when I was trying to write a  horrible, terrible, life-altering paper (this is, in fact, the paper that really helped me a) define my views on abortion and b) make me decide that I would not, in fact, be completing my PhD program), and I needed to stay awake, and hey – coffee!  Buzz buzz buzz.  But now I am kind of stuck-up about it.  Like I have an amazing husband who makes the coffee every morning, and it stays in this thermal carafe thing, and I am not excited about the taste of this specific coffee.  Who knew I would ever get to the point where I would drink so much coffee that I would actually be able to discern between “amazing”, “great”, “decent”, and “gag me with a spoon” coffee?  Not me.

I would estimate this coffee as between “great” and “decent”.  Which is fine, except that I will no longer be drinking coffee shortly and it will be very unfortunate if I stop drinking coffee on a “decent” note.  So I will be procuring additional coffee options today.  Any suggestions?  I seem to like Peet‘s coffees, but, see, here’s the thing:  Peets has, like, 8,000 versions.  And I repeatedly fail at remembering what I like and don’t like.

This okay/decent coffee is a free trade version from our local food coop.  (Yes, we buy free trade stuff.  It goes along with my whole “story of stuff” philosophy.)

1b)  You might be wondering how foreign cars fits into my SoS philosophy.  Well, we try to buy cars that were not shipped overseas all put together, but that were assembled here in the U.S.  That way we are not clubbing baby seals, but not taking a bath in patriotism, either.  Thoughts?

PS  I sound like we buy cars all the time.  We do not.  We have not actually ever bought a car together.  However, we go car shopping ALL. THE. TIME. because we have a dog the size of a teenager and we’d like to be able to go somewhere with him and another human being at some point in our lives…’cause our current car is a Golf.

2)  Sarah Palin is just the gift that keeps on giving.

3)  Our Muppet dog is finally getting groomed tomorrow, AND I made an appointment for contacts.  I will probably have an eye infection by the time the appointment comes, though, because I am down to my last pair and the appointment is not for 2 more weeks.  (Note to self:  procrastination is sometimes costly.)

4)  Physics blows.  No, it sucks.  It sucks and blows, if you can believe that.  Ha!  My father laughed at that one.

5)  Having a dorky husband who loved physics is good for marital relations.  This is a big surprise to me, actually.  So here I go with my funny story, and then I will be done blogging for the day (SERIOUSLY!)

I have mentioned a million times how DB is WAY smarter than me.  Or, at least, he is smarter in ways that I am not:  like he will remember (no kidding, folks) the content of a general chemistry class he took in his freshman year of college in 1992!!!!!!!!!  (If I could capitalize numbers, they would be capitalized there.)  That was SIXTEEN years ago!

So about 3 years ago, I decided to pursue (ahem) medical school.  (Does this sound familiar?)  I started out by taking general chemistry.  At that time, DB promises that he will help me.  I start out the class, all determined to be a rock star of chemistry despite my background in….POLITICAL science, not BENCH science.  Whatever, right?  I can do anything I put my mind to! Somehow, in that brief enrollment period, I believed that, wholeheartedly.

Except that DB was ordered to do a TDY* for 90 days…with 2 days’ notice.  I was left on my own to suffer through gen chem.

So, he promised he’d help on the phone.

For our VERY FIRST problem set for which we are separated, we get on the phone together, and I start asking him questions about sulfuric acid.  Like does it dissociate completely (there are two protons on it), or does one proton stay on it?

We got in a GIGANTIC fight.  Like I hung up on him, crying and thinking that we would never be able to stay married at this rate, if this is what SCIENCE CLASSES do to HIM!!!  (That was supposed to be funny.  Laugh there.)

I was unable to pursue this plan at that time, so I abandoned it (although I did pretty well in gen chem that semester, despite our marital tutoring arrangement).

Until now.

And now, here I am, taking physics and bio, and expecting DB to coach me through physics.

I will say:  we both did not expect it to go well. In fact, the reason I took chem 2 and orgo while he was overseas was so that he COULDN’T be around to help me – I was all on my own.

But I will not pass this class without a tutor (I know my learning style, and the class doesn’t teach the way my brain works…and, let’s face it – my brain is losing elasticity and I just generally suck at this stuff), and we really don’t have the cash for a tutor, so perhaps by necessity – or perhaps because DB knows this crap better than my TA does – it is working out splendidly.

So splendidly, in fact, that now I do my homework at the Starbucks** next to his office every Thursday, and I call him to help me out whenever I have a question!

So this post is dedicated to my lovely coffee-making, scarily-book-smart husband.  There is no occasion for it other than a) I appreciate him, and b) I am procrastinating SO EFFECTIVELY, and c) although this blog drives him slightly batty, he is supportive.

(And he loves those FBI emails.  So feel free to keep them coming!)

*TDY=Temporary DutY assignment.  Like, “go to X city and work there for 90 days”.

**Starbucks:  did you know that if you have spare change, and you use a Coinstar machine, you can get a gift card to Starbucks (or many other fine retail establishments)?  We had so much change – minus the quarters – that DB managed to get a GC for $150 at Starbucks before he deployed in March.  That, along with SP, is the gift that keeps on giving.

I have effectively blown 35 minutes now.  If you are still reading, I am amazed, and thank you.