This is not deep, funny, or thoughtful at all.

Last week, something really weird happened.  My previous most-popular post (because it was publicized on adoption buzz) was usurped by this one, which, by anyone’s imagination, is a totally pathetic rant.  There is nothing remotely exciting about that post, as far as I can see.

I started noticing that I was getting a LOT of hits for “phi symbol”.  Like hundreds of hits per week for “phi”.  Before, if I published something with “I-6oo” in it, during the period of time when that was of critical importance, I would get lots of hits for that.  But suddenly those disappeared (which is good, because it always made me feel bad about the people who ended up here for that), and they were replaced by – and completely overtaken by – the phi people.

Except that I couldn’t figure out how the phi people got to me!  DB and I searched on Google and got though 35 pages – no mention of this blog.  But then I put a little note on the post and asked people how they found me, and someone FINALLY spoke up and enlightened me to the fact that it is the first post linked for Google images of phi.

(As a side note, you will note that only ONE PERSON responded to my request.  In the several HUNDRED people who have read that post, only ONE responded accordingly.  What does THAT mean?!?)

At any rate, how is it possible that I am the first image link on Google?!?  I took the images off of Wikipedia!

I thought it might be seasonal – like when college classes in chemistry are covering concepts that require the phi symbol, people would start to check for images at that point.  No.  Apparently people need to see this symbol ALL YEAR LONG.

So now I am faced with a conundrum. I am not psyched to have all of these people checking me out for my free phi pictures (especially since they are available, free, in THOUSANDS of places on the internet).  At the same time, it is nice because it makes me feel like people are reading here, even if they are only people dropping in to read about phi!  And they never really stay long.  But still, it makes me feel like I should keep blogging, even my readers are not all that consistent.  (My brother thought that if he didn’t meet some comment quota, he’d be denied a password.  I think that’s funny.  Dan, here’s your chance.  Weigh in now!)

Should I delete the post?  If it was a cool post, I’d be all happy that people wanted to read it – but instead I feel kind of weird about people checking in solely for my phi symbols (although I will say – it is a very pretty picture of both symbols).  And the picture is relevant to the story, and perhaps I will want to remember that story, which is now cached, so there’s no point in making it protected or private.

As a bragging point, I can make anything seem like a debate.  Even something as stupid as blog stats.  But how weird is it that I got 30 hits for phi-symbol related searches this morning alone? Who knew it was in such demand?!?