Check this out:

I am PROCRASTINATING from taking my muppet dog to the groomer!  Is there a PA group for people with a serious problem?  (Like procrastinators anon?)

Anyway, I was looking at where people came from – and I saw this Fox News blog link.  And I clicked on it.  And for the first time, ever, in this blog (probably because I cannot commit to a topic and have a cheesy quote instead), one of the posts was appropriately linked from the Fox News blog.

Except eek!  Fox News?!?  Seriously?

Muppet – out the door.  Damn procrastination and staying up until 2 am crying over physics!

(Yes, I said crying.  Even at 29 we are not above crying over confusion if it’s at midnight.)

(But thankfully my hot husband was there to say, “you’re not THAT stupid…”)

(Ha!  No, he was very nice.)