I am so excited that I just had to post about this.

I made food, and no one died.

More than that, I MADE UP A RECIPE, and no one died. And it even tasted good!

Unfortunately, we cannot count a huge victory on the small group front, because the wife of the couple got sick and couldn’t make it. We had a long chat and planned to meet next week, instead.

But since I was all nervous about it, we decided to cook the stuff anyway – the rice recipe, and the beans. The rice turned out good – I omitted the onion (DB’s kryptonite) and accidentally pureed the jalapenos, which were very hot and potentially not jalepenos. (We had two different green things that did not look remotely like each other, but both looked very close to the picture on line. So we threw them both in.) That meant that the rice was probably hotter than it should have been, since I pureed it and all of the flavor hotness really got mixed in.

Also? The recipe isn’t lying about how long it takes. So if you’re gonna make it, allow an hour. I don’t know how I thought I would cut any time on it.

And also? They are serious when they say, “Heat oil for 90 seconds”. It is plenty hot – and plenty of enough fire risk – after that period of time.

(I cannot believe I am posting about cooking. This is hilarious for anyone who knows me IRL.)

(I forgot to add this:  after we finished eating last night, our conversation:

Me:  “Now I can make at least one thing that is edible!” (exaggerating about my ineptitude, but still happy about how it worked out okay)

DB:  “No, you can make TWO things!” (talking about the one recipe that I made LAST week that he also liked.)

I glared at him, and we both cracked up.)

Anyway, so rice was very good.

The beans! Here is what I did. It is crazy cheap, which is good for this economy.

Economical vegetarian black beans

Drain and rinse can of beans. Dump in saucepan.

Add a cup of vegetable broth (you could use water, too. I buy those cubes – they are $1.50 for 6 cubes, which makes 12 cups of broth total), some minced garlic (like a clove’s worth) (OK, so I buy a jar. It is 1/2 tsp of the jar stuff), some cumin (like a shake/tap), some pepper (not salt because there is a ton in that broth), maybe a little red pepper (I did, I don’t know if I liked it or not), and bring to a boil.



No kidding – it tasted really good! And it tastes like fast Mexican food, but it’s cheap.

So…now I’m all inspired. Do you have any favorite recipes, preferably made cheaply? Share!! I’d love to hear them!