My friend Melissa, whose blog I read religiously, but I just realized is not on my blogroll (although let’s be honest – a lot of blogs I read are not on that list) – she and her husband, Alisdair, are in the process of journalling the things they are thankful for. Each day, they take a turn to describe what they are thankful for. I’ve appreciated reading it, and I have decided that DB and I are going to do something similar from now until Thanksgiving. I don’t know if we’ll do it EVERYday (I must admit, I am impressed with how committed Mel and Ali are), but we will do it a lot of days. And today is our very first day to start. Be thrilled!

(As an aside, this is the only way I could come up with to have DB ACTUALLY WRITE on my blog. He won’t comment, he won’t post…until this. Who knew?)

So: what we’re thankful for, Day 1:

Me: For the first day, I am thankful for my faith. My faith history has been anything other than straightforward, and having lived in places where it is illegal to believe in God, much less attend worship services, I am so thankful for the freedom to believe in a loving, all-knowing God, and for the freedom to worship and celebrate Him daily.

(I will write more at some other point.)

DB: Just chickened out. I’ll work on it. Check back with me as I work on him to participate.

P.S. YAY GOD! The government ponied up some money on Friday!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Yee-haw! (No worries – it was only 2 months late, right? Better late than never!)