So I am supposed to be studying. (Jen, I was serious. And I am going to buckle down in 3 minutes.) However, I am addicted to the NYT, and although I’ve weaned myself off of the SP* diet**, there are still interesting things going on in the world.

It didn’t take long for this to make the news:

And I would just draw your attention to the paragraph from the Safeway spokesperson, who states that they “have seen a double-digit increase in the sale of rice and beans”.

It just so happens that I have eaten no less than 4 meals of rice and beans in the last 3 days (because I like it! It is really good! I think it’s driven more by elation that I made something edible than dire financial straits) (although we are certainly not rolling in it – that whole payment? Yeah, gone, to bills).

So here we go: ways to make cheap foods? Spam ain’t an option – I am allergic to pork, for one, but for a second, I only eat the most high-maintenance of high-maintenance ground up beef. Organic, grass-fed, totally stuck-up beef. It took me SIXTEEN (16!) years to face the fact that animal meat would be a necessary part of my diet, and let’s just say I haven’t wholeheartedly embraced it. To eat canned meat? I think I’d have to be pretty darn hungry.

ALSO – it’s not cheap! $2.50 for a can?!? That’s expensive!! Beans are $0.50/can and they last for FOUR MEALS (for a person).

And now I am going to hit publish, and think about how this is the dumbest post ever. I did formally join the NaBlo thing but I wonder exactly WHY I did that.

I am thankful for rice, beans, and the ability to choose not to eat Spam. And I say that in all seriousness.

*SP = Sarah Palin.

**Just kidding. Did you see this?

And now I am only going to read ONE SP thing per day.

BUT wait:

And that is what I have to say about that. People have been asking me about Obama’s Cabinet picks, and I must say that this one nomination is very upsetting to me – for the reasons discussed in the article.

Speaking of science and research, I am going to learn about it. NOW.