I bet you don’t know what this is:


Yes, it’s a tree, but what ELSE might it be?

A STITCHED tree!!!  (I don’t know who that guy is.)

That I stitched using Canon PhotoStitch!

Which is only exciting because I have a Nikon, not a Canon!

We used to own a Canon, and unfortunately, I threw it in a pond when we were on a friend’s boat. (That’s not entirely accurate – it was really slippery and it kind of flew out of my hands. It was actually quite tragic. I have never seen something so desirable sink so rapidly. Our friends, on the other hand, had the same thing happen on their honeymoon…to their wedding ring.

Now THAT’s tragic.)

Where was I?

So when I was going to buy a new camera, I researched Canons and Nikons and I am a little embarrassed to admit – but I will do it anyway – that one of the reasons I would have picked the Canon is because it had this free software that is no longer available online. But the Nikon had better reviews, especially for someone at my level of expertise (zilch) so I kind of gave up the Canon photostitch dream.

Until now.

Apparently, last night, when DB was doing laundry and I was in class, he FOUND THE CD from the Canon! The one I pitched into the deep dark water! The one we didn’t use because we had the PS software from the OLDER Canon, stored on our (now defunct) Thinkpad! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, it’s a tree. But I bet you’ve never seen a picture of a tree this thrilling, huh?