About a year ago, we found out that our friends were getting divorced.  This friend was a good friend of DB’s in college, and it was the first couple we’d known socially to be getting divorced.  That was a little bit sad.

Then, we found out that he had moved away to LA to pursue an acting career.  And the acting/modeling pictures were…well, they did not leave a lot to the imagination.  (He definitely has a good body, we’ll put it that way.)  (And I’m sure DB just turned purple thinking about that.)  (He is the least likely person I know to discuss sexual-anything…with anyone.) (Except me, obviously.)

So anyway, we don’t really look him up because it gives DB PTSD, but the other day, we decided to check out his happenings because we were in DB’s hometown in October, and had dinner with another college friend…etc.

And guess what was on his profile?  The one with all of the naked picures?

This tradewinds quote!!!!  The one that I had below my title on this blog!! The one that is CHEESY, but still – that quote!

OK, so I cannot have the same quote on my BLOG as my husband’s strip-tease college roommate has on his!!  Even if it is a famous Mark Twain quote!  No!!!!!

So I changed it, just now, but it is totally stupid.  Help?  Some of you have been reading this blog for a long time and realize how random and cheesy it is.  Please help.  I need a new subtitle.  Preferably a new look, but I am not going to hire someone because I don’t have the traffic to justify it and I don’t really have much time.

Actually, I am contemplating changing the whole thing (title, everything) but I am at a loss.  Help?  I still like “the buoyancy of hope” (a la MLK) (which DB told me made me sound like an Obama wannabe, but hey!  he won!  So maybe that’s not so socially unacceptable after all?) but I need help.

And yes, here is my blog entry for the day.  I guess I am not going to take a break anyway.

And we are going to bail on the daily Thankfulness things and make a joint list, which I’ll post sometime in the nearish future.  I list things I’m thankful for often in this blog, even in July, but hey! why not, right?  Plus, I usually make lists of things I’m thankful for because I’m depressed, like when DB left for I*&q.  (I am tired of putting “left for a war zone”.) (But shh – Liz, if you see him tonight, do not mention this – because he does not read this blog and MAYBE he’ll write a post unknowingly while I’m in class tonight!  That would be fun.)

Random much?

OK, help:  commence!  Thank you hugely!!