We won!

I actually wrote this long post about how I had nothing in my head, and then I realized I had a post in my head that is actually slightly less boring.

Our mice drama is most likely over!

I have these funny pictures from our times with the mice.  We are actually still living in hiding (aka in our guest room!) but we have yet to catch a mouse and we’ve yet to see any additional evidence since closing up all of the holes, so we think we’ve won.  Yay, us!

In the meantime, I took some pictures of our lives when we moved out of our bedroom and closed up all of the holes… (If you think this is boring, you should have seen the post that I didn’t publish).

So the last time I wrote about the mice, it was just a long post about all of the drama surrounding our mouse fight.  However, here you can see it in pictures!

So first we totally cleared out the closet and placed traps baited with cat food and honey everywhere.  This meant that our cat then had to eat on the kitchen table.  We’ve spent a long time convincing her (with strategic water bottles) that she did not need to be on the kitchen table, so this is a kind of a PITA, but, alas.

However, she was not psyched to get back on the table.  So this is how she ate the first night:  on the floor, with Little monitoring her every move:


(See how well he listens to us?  “Leave it” is the best command ever!  And see how well they get along?  That is just natural took a year of painful training.)

Then we had to replace the dishwasher, and we found evidence of their entry points, which necessitated cleaning out our major corner cabinet (where we store all of our random kitchen utilities:


This cabinet is HUGE.  So huge, in fact that it fits DB, shown here filling the cabinet’s holes, supervised by our hairy children animals:


And, in fact, it actually fits both Little AND DB:


And that is it.  After living with our appliances splayed all over the kitchen, we finally put them back in the cabinet and we haven’t seen a mouse since.

I never thought I’d say it, but I am running out of things to talk about.  And that is saying a lot, because I typically have verbal diarrhea, in case you didn’t notice.

Anyone?  New topics?  I plan to cover abortion and the Patriot Act and HIV/AIDS for AIDS Day (yes, I will do it, Christine) when I have more energy, but I am exhausted right now.  Brainless topics are always welcome 🙂