This is so not going to be what you’d expect from that title.

I will admit: I spend a lot less time reading the news than I did during the election. That’s not because I’m less interested; it’s more because I let a LOT of things slide while I was glued to the TV/computer/whatever to become the Most Informed Voter in America. So now it’s back to, you know, studying.

But one thing to which I have paid some attention is the whole Hillary-for-SoS-debacle/debate/whatever you’d call it. And I happen to be a person who thinks this is a brilliant move on Obama’s part, because it a) sets her up to be a competitive candidate in 2016 for the party, giving her some much-needed formal foreign policy experience, and b) keeps her from making a ruckus in the Senate (is that how you spell ruckus?), deepening the already-concerning rift in the Democratic party (I mean, seriously. I have to hand it to the GOP on the issue of team unity. I was working on the Hill when Newt ran his whole Republican Revolution, which, incidentally, was barely a “revolution” – according to the superawesome Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, only 37% of voters turned out for that midterm election! THIRTY-SEVEN PERCENT! That is hardly a mandate. But back on the topic – there were Blue Dog Democrats at that time, who were Democrat in name but voted with the GOP, but never did a GOP Member vote with the Dems. Hell, no. They were under significant duress during that time to toe the party line, and it made them a very effective voting bloc. Can we see this happening now with the Democrats? Sadly, or not sadly, depending on how you see the efficiency of the federal government balanced with the whole concept of elected democracy, no.)

So I think it’s not a bad idea to have Hillary for SoS. However, others disagree, obviously, and they are much more important than I am, for sure! So DB and I were talking about it this morning while watching the random Sunday news shows that we watch every week. Although they were talking about the Disaster Of American Cars, we started talking about the Potential Disaster of the Nomination of Bill Clinton as the Husband to the Secretary of State. (Did anyone see SNL last night? It was on there. I don’t think the skit is available online just kidding. Here it is:

Anyway, here is my meager research for this particular piece as evidence that people are concerned about Bill’s involvement with Hill (by meager, I mean I did one Google search and clicked on the first non-blog link). Bill would create issues given his global lectures everywhere, blah blah blah.


Nominate Bill as the Undersecretary of Transportation!

DB added, “With LOTS OF COMMITTEE MEETINGS in Washington!”

Think about it! All of the perks of Hillary with none of the drawbacks of Bill!

I am a genius.