I’ve had a few conversations with some of you recently re: passwords.

As a public announcement, just to clarify for anyone who is wondering, I have to password-protect some things that normal people can just post out in the open due to the various disclosures on this blog (like DB’s job).  As part of that, I HAVE to change the passwords sometimes, which is a pain in the butt for you and me.

I used to send out an email to everyone that I knew read the blog with the latest, greatest password (and now you all know that I am incompetent at coming up with snazzy passwords, too!  I think I am going to go back to my first one soon.  That one was special, huh?) HOWEVER, then the readership of this blog got to the point where I did not know who was reading it and who wasn’t, so I abandoned that list, because I kept forgetting people and then they would get insulted and I felt terrible.

THEREFORE:  If you don’t have the password, and you’d like to have the password, or you’ve LOST the password, which happens to the best of us, leave me a comment or send me an email.  I am a really nice person (usually).  I might say no, but the worst you could do is ask.  If you want the password and you don’t leave comments (my brother thought he didn’t get an email because he didn’t achieve some comment quota – Dan, for you, you cannot email.  You must comment – hee hee), and I don’t know you in real life, drop me a line and introduce yourself.  Include your favorite color and if we have the same, it’s open sesame. (J/K on that last part).

In essence:  if you don’t have the PW, don’t take it personally.  You probably don’t have it because I am a ditz.

(How’s that for self-aggrandizement?)  (Ha!  I crack myself up.)

That being said, a post is coming right now.