Sorry, I just can’t do it.  I will, I promise.  I really will.  But right now I am ex.haust.ed.  And I have a little paragraph to write for a group project that I somehow volunteered to write, and it is frankly a LAME little paragraph, but I haven’t written it and I am kind of avoiding it and therefore I will not write anything else academic until this little paragraph about parent perception of neighborhood safety predicting child aerobic activity level is done.  And apparently (sorry, Kate) this is going to take a while.

Today, we helped my brother and SIL demo a wall (demo = demolish), then checked out our local mall, then stopped by a Toyota dealership.  The mall was really weird – it was packed, like the parking lot was packed, and there were a bajillion people in the hallways, but if you went into the actual stores, they were empty.  Weird. I bought a pair of jeans.  For the first time in about 5 years, they were adult-size jeans; I wear kid’s jeans because they are cheaper (I mean, how can you beat $15/pair?!?) and they fit really well because I am kind of lacking in the hip department, and so are they – but DB forced me to try on the adult jeans, and with a belt, they MIGHT work out okay.  Something about him thinking I needed adult jeans because I talk about how kids jeans are so limited in the colors available (which they definitely are…I have the bright blue range covered WELL).  So despite the fact that they are now 2x the price, I am now the new owner of a pair of ADULT jeans.  It’s not something to be jealous of, the kids’ jeans thing.  In addition to the bright blue denim, I also have a few pairs with colored string.  I try to stay away from the embroidered ones – what would it say stylistically if I matched my friend’s 2 year old daughters’ jeans?  Right.

The Toyota dealership was another story – talk about EMPTY!  There were so many dudes waiting outside for us with hungry eyes – I felt very bad for them!  Apparently it’s been a slow day, and they were really swarming.   However, I had a happy realization:  the Highlander is actually not the same size as the Sequoia, which is GIGANTIC and I think I would rather not drive any car than that thing.  But the Highlander is okay.  I prefer the RAV-4, which is smaller, but not that much smaller.  So our next step is to humor the car sales people and actually take them for a test drive…we’ll see.  I feel horrible about the clubbing-a-baby-seal aspect of the whole Toyota thing, and I really wanted one that is made in this country, not another one, but ugh.  We’ll see.  The other awesome thing about the Subaru (yeah, back to the Subaru) is that they have a trash-free plant in Indiana – I really want a car from THAT plant.  The trash-free, recycle-everything plant.  Unfortunately, the only thing they make THERE is the Subaru Tribeca, and that doesn’t look like a car that would work for us, so blah.  Poor seals.

I just also decided that the Jeep Liberty is cute.  There seems to be a really declining market for those, huh?

I will discuss the Patriot Act with DB in the car and I’ll come up with an amazing post tomorrow to finish out NaBloPoMo with a bang.  Woo hoo!  30 posts in 30 days!  (Actually, I had some really active days in there, so maybe more than that.)  I have this unrefined opinion on it, but we’ve had lots of enlightening discussions, so hopefully I can finesse my opinion and share it.

And now…back to my paragraph.  I really have no idea what my aversion to this is.  It’s not rational.