I really was going to write some amazingly academic prose about the Patriot Act, and how it’s not that evil, and really actually it served a great need because FISA is outmoded and law enforcement officials were either in a grey area of their jurisdiction in investigations that did not include wired telephones (which is totally 1978, not 2005), and prohibited agencies from discussing cases or leads with each other, so things like 9/11 could happen and did happen.

But I can’t write that now, cause I just got in the door after ELEVEN HOURS – yes, 11! hours! – of driving in a tiny little car.

We are so buying a new car.

So DB’s step brother is in town for a few days, and he was down about an hour away with no car, and we figured, hey, we’ll just pick him up! We were hoping he’d have a little bitsy duffel bag with him, and we’d just pick him up, one of us would go in the backseat with Little, and we’d be on our way.

When he bounded down the stairs, though, I said, “That’s your suitcase?!?” (Yes, I normally attempt to be gracious person, but we had been driving for 10! hours! at this point, and I was being stupid.)(Dan, that would be your entrance if you EVER wanted to comment.)

DB rightly pointed out that it was the size of a carry-on bag.

I rightly pointed out that carry-on size or not, there was no where to put it.

DB pointed out that if we have now reached the point that a carry-on bag is our breaking point, we needed to start test driving yesterday.

So I drove, and DB rode in the backseat with the suitcase in the well (because I am short, and it fits well in there), and Little, our 95# monster, rode in his lap.

You know, when we get in the car for a holiday or something, it looks like we are in a clown car. Tonight, with DB’s brother and the three of us, I can’t come up with a more dramatic description. We definitely looked ridiculous!

It occurred to me that these car posts probably sound ridiculous. I realize that most people in this country have at least two (or more) cars, or at least one per driver. We have one car, plus the one Bureau car (bu-car), which doesn’t count for anything. So our one car needs to serve a lot of functions, which is why it’s the major decision that we are making it.

Anyway, so that’s my last NaPoBloMo post. How sad. I was really hoping to provide some thought-provoking material, but ha! – the car was seriously the thing we talked about for 9 of the 11 hours. Which means I am really exhausted talking about cars. DB thought I should recap for you the month of posts, but when I wrote it out, it was stupid: basically, it’s Sarah Palin, politics, Obama, politics, Sarah Palin, learning how to cook, being excited about cooking, Sarah Palin, being thankful, politics, adoption ethics, and politics. And now, three days of cars. I promise no more cars.

Incidentally, Little is totally revved up and THRILLED that he has DB’s bro, John, as a new playmate. John is being a really awesome guest and indulging Little in playing tug of war, and catch, and Little just walked up to him and started humping him. Bad Little! So I guess I should go. Thankfully, John has a great sense of humor….ok, ‘nuf said.

Time for bed. Thanks, everyone, for reading through the three days o’ cars! 🙂