Specifically, the cars manufactured by the fine folks at Ford, GM, and Chrysler, and managed by the moronic CEOs at the aforementioned F, G, & C. Actually, Chrysler is spared because it has not stepped up to the plate quite yet, apparently.

(This is a mini-rant, based on the NPR report of the Big Three‘s Two’s offers to Capitol Hill. If there is some amazing article out there, I didn’t read it. Short on time.)

Does it make anyone else a LITTLE upset that Ford and GM have graciously offered to take a token $1 salary if they utilize government money?

OK, I will admit it: It really bothers me. It bothered me all the way here, and it took me a whole 30 minutes to get here, and I was going to write this other blog post on this conversation I had with someone from my cohort (the ORIGINAL cohort – who is now an -eek!-graduating 5th year doc student, and wow, that could have been me), but instead you get my thoughts on the token $1/year salary.

I’m not even going to cover the laughable method of transportation to DC – by HYBRID CAR.

Are they TRYING to be like SNL?

No, let’s talk about the salary for a moment. To me, Mrs. Schmoe, the $1/year salary says this: “I know I was overpaid for what I did in the last

[Insert some internet research by Rachel here. Here is the AP article. Here is the article that says he is going to drive a hybrid to DC. There was a similar article in the Huff Post, and although I bet they’re psyched, I have my own (strong! of course! why wouldn’t I?) opinions about hybrids and they’re not all that warm and fuzzy on the environment.]

OK, so this is what $1/year says to me: “I know I was overpaid for what I did last year – I mean, I *thought* $22 million was appropriate when I started, but I guess you guys don’t agree, so now I see your point. In fact, actually, Ford paid me SO much last year that I don’t even need to work this year! Or next year! Watch me! I am so damn rich that I am running this company out of the graciousness of my heart!”

Only it says that in the most condescending way possible.

When one writes a grant, one must include a line item that states how much one will be reimbursed for one’s professional services. There are lots of grants written for people to service EXTREMELY at-risk populations, and they are still given a reasonable salary to conduct the work.

Otherwise, it is insulting to the people you are serving. It is your valuable time you are offering, and investigators should be reimbursed – at least at a livable wage – for their services.

I would be more impressed with Mulally’s gesture if he, say, chose to return some of the money to Ford to help bail it out (I mean, even a few million would probably pay a lot of salaries, right?) and opted to take a reasonable, fair-wage salary. A salary that will cover his living expenses (reasonable ones) adequately and still fairly compensate him for his time.

But no. He is doing this insulting, dramatic gesture instead. What a tool.

The OTHER thing that pisses me off is that he will not even PAY TAXES ON THE $1!!!!!! I personally think he should be compensated at a rate that will JUST HIT the maximum tax rate.

But that’s just me.

I am so fed up with greedy corporate people making decisions that screw the people that ACTUALLY get them places (like the people on the line, who made none of these decisions and are getting fully screwed for them) (I am not talking about the UAW leadership, and I am not thrilled with them either). UGH!

And that is the end of my little rant. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I am sitting next to some neurotic orgo students and I am just so, so, so, so, thankful that that bandaid is off. Orgo really sucked. Poor people.

PPS – First delivery of organic fruit and vegetables comes today. I have already FAILED multiple times at seasonal eating in the last 24 hours, beginning with the Basmati rice I just ate and the piece of pizza covered in tomatoes.

This is gonna be really, really hard.

PPPS – OH, and ALSO?!?  Who is gonna buy your stupid jet?!?

I think I just singlehandedly raised my pulse at my computer!  I thought that would only happen with Bush, but I guess I was wrong.  I can’t wait to see Jon Stewart tonight.

I really hope he agrees with me.  Ha!