I am trying to decide whether this is a compliment or an insult. You decide.

Today, similar to oh-so-many previous days, my convo with a classmate (this is a variation on the same):

Her: When are you taking the MCAT?

Me: Probably late spring/early summer – as soon as I can, really. I’m old and I want to rip this off like a bandaid.

Her: You’re not OLD! I think you’re about as old as I am!

Me, in my head: Oh, no, honey. No.

Me, out loud: Oh, no, I don’t think so. How old are you?

Her, all peppy: 24!

Me, internally: sigh.

Me, externally: Um, no. I WISH I was 24!

I am hugging 30, as a colleague of mine used to say last year (at 28; I am hugging it much more tightly now at 29. As in I will be 30 in approximately 4ish months). Now, many of you have seen my picture, or you know me IRL…I know I look pretty young, but there is a part of me that wants to cry every time someone from the (high school!) class of 2002! thinks we are the same age!

And I know, I know – same song, different tune. Over the summer it was labs where I was the freak girl who knew all the words to Ludacris’ sick song about having sex in a bathroom and in the back of a classroom…versus my summer-school undergrad classmates, who were forbidden by their parents to listen to the song at its release in their middle school years. At least the latest conversation doesn’t involve pop culture.

Insult or compliment? You tell me!

P.S. NaBloPoMo might be over, but apparently, I am still in the saddle. Ha!

P.P.S. Apparently my blog is very boring and cyclical. See previous rants on this topic. Oops. However, ’cause I have no pride, I’m still hitting ‘publish’. Yee-haw.

P.P.P.S. As in previous posts, I realize this is what I get when I start a new career this late in the game, and I realize that my classmates in medical school will be her age, and actually, she is a really nice person, so I am hopeful, but at the same time, I still feel old and I expect that these old feelings will not dissipate any time soon…cause I actually AM old.

P.P.P.P.S You know what really kind of kills me these days though? My MD-friends who say, “yeah, but there was A PERSON in my class who was [35, 38, 34…45…whatever]”. I know they are trying to be nice. However, I kind of don’t want to be THAT token old person who everyone talks about in whispers as the mind-bogglingly ancient person playing with cadavers!

And that is all for tonight. G’night!