Is that totally blasphemous?

I am the world’s. worst. procrastinator. Or maybe the best, depending on what your definition of good or bad is.

(Major note: HUGE OVERSHARING BELOW! You’ve been warned.)

I have THREE exams on Monday and Tuesday, including TWO big ones, in subjects that normally require me to study for 3 days straight to do well in. (How badly is that sentence worded? I don’t really have time to edit.) I have a problem set and a lab tomorrow, and the lab takes 4 hours. (If you are wondering about the third exam, it is in the lame research class. It will get 3 hours. I cannot give it much more time.)

For the last week, I have known that I am under a time crunch, and yet I keep blogging, reading blogs, reading the news, watching TV, talking on the phone (although grant me this: the professor drama came back to haunt me last night, after I hadn’t thought about it almost at all for two years, and this was unsettling. Unsettling is a gross understatement).

Ironically, while typing this, I am watching a Boston Legal episode (I think from Monday?) which is discussing the drug I normally take (legally) to avoid such dire procrastination, and it is an indictment of said drug (or, at least they are trying to make it about that. I am a little appalled that the girl took it illegally and I side with Harvard on this one), and I am currently OFF of said drug, so that we can (oh, the joys of oversharing) attempt to conceive without me having a panic attack about the studies of the neurons in baby bunnies exposed to this drug in the first days after conception. And perhaps this is God’s way of saying, “Don’t do that. I gave you that prescription! What on EARTH are you thinking? WAIT EVEN LONGER TO ADD TO YOUR FAMILY!”

But no, that was not the point of my post. My point is that I procrastinated, and procrastinated, and now it is Wednesday, and I have full-on anxiety about the state of my brain (and how devoid it is of physics and biology material), and guess what?!?

DB has the stomach flu! He is barfing his brains out!

And while I am trying to be a nice, kind, supportive, loving wife, you know what I am doing? (Well, in addition to feeling very sorry for DB and giving him crackers and Gatorade and stuff…)

Panicking about my tummy revolting on me, too!

God is very, very, very funny. I am learning, God. Really, I am. No. more. procrastinating.

And with that, I better not be blogging until Tuesday.

PS – Actually, not all. Just to clarify: of course I do not really believe that God made my husband get the stomach flu to punish me. And I am saying this because actually, there are lots of people who might actually believe that, but I am not one of them, thankfully. Thankfully, my god is way bigger than that.

I am just trying to be a little bit funny. And now I am even DISTRACTING MYSELF with MYSELF! Seriously!