When DB and I were dating, we did not live near each other, so our entire relationship was weekend visits and long phone calls through the week. I seemed to have a knack for bringing up huge debatable issues right before we would hang up (think doorknob confessions in therapy), and now we have this joke – “so hey, what about infant baptism?” – which is what we say when someone brings up a massive topic that people will debate and debate and debate and there really isn’t time for it, but someone brought it up anyway.

That was an entry to my current point of procrastination. (See? You get to be inside my head for a day. How does it feel?) Let’s talk about…spanking! And let’s throw in…adoption! while we’re at it.

What do you think about spanking kids? What about spanking adopted kids?

I’ll start: I have (surprise!) Really Strong Opinions about this! Like I think, hey, let’s take a kid away from everything s/he has ever known, give him new food, new clothes, a new life, take away everything familiar, and expect him to know the rules, and hey – if he doesn’t get it, I’ll hit him!

Does that make any sense?

Last year, DB and I went to an informational meeting given by an adoption agency (AWAA*) at our church, and there was a panel there of adoptive parents (who had adopted with different agencies, not just AWAA). During the Q&A portion of the presentation, one PAP asked, “How do you handle the spanking issue?”

Now, the spanking ISSUE. I was a little mystified. I did not grow up in a primarily Christian home, and I did not grow up in a spanking home, and I didn’t really get the so-called issue.

But the panel person did. The panel respondent said, laughing, “Oh, that spanking issue. [Shucks, gosh darnit.] Well, *they* don’t understand *us*. We just basically lied when the social worker asked us about discipline” – as if we all would think that was just perfectly acceptable.

And that just about killed me. I certainly vomited in my mouth a little. LIED?!? Is THAT Biblical? And since when is spanking a Biblical/moral imperative?!?

But I realize there are others who feel just as strongly the other way. Perhaps my exuberance killed any possibility for a real discussion, but as my little sidebar over there <– says, I really do want to hear from lots of perspectives. So lay it on me. What’s the skinny on spanking? What do you think? If you don’t have kids yet, what do you think you’ll do? And is there ever a place for spanking adopted kids?

Diversion! Diversion! C’mon, help a girl out with a good study break!

*And here is the inevitable postscript. I have heard nothing but good things about AWAA and was impressed by their presentation. The appalling aspects of the evening came from adoptive parents not necessarily affiliated with AWAA. So consider this post as having absolutely nothing to do with that agency whatsoever.