I used to think I liked genetics problems. I used to think they were fun.

Now I really hate the fact that fruit flies ever existed. I hate you, little fruit flies. I wish you all just had one type of stupid wing and one eye color.

I just wanted to document that, in fact, I was very miserable studying for this exam, but that I did it for 12+ hours today (and I am not close to finishing), and that if I fail this exam, it is not for lack of trying over the immediately preceding weekend. (Physics, if you are wondering, is in purgatory. I’m not sure when I will even crack that book, given my dismal progress today.)

I do want to give a shoutout to my buddy, Hungry Liz, who has answered approximately 3 hours worth of questions about e.coli’s processing of lactose (is that what we were talking about, Liz? Please tell me it is) and all of the stupid genes in that process. She is amazing and very patient. I am very glad that she was willing to save my ass from my own stupidity.

And…back to studying. Actually, DB just brought food, so maybe I will take another break (this counted as a break. So did my eating of some red pepper hummus from Trader Joes, which was sell-by dated November 24th, and which I really contemplated eating, ate, and decided that maybe hummus isn’t good if it tastes funny, and put it *back in the fridge*.)

(If there was any doubt that I am an idiot, perhaps that helped to clarify for you that yes, indeed, I am lacking some intelligence.)

This is a pointless post. Thanks for reading, though.

P.S. Have you seen this blog? It is hysterical. It is an 83-year old woman who rails about Sarah Palin’s stupidity. I really thought I’d weaned myself from SP, but it turns out, she is on every corner. And now that she is being credited with Saxby’s win in Georgia, it looks like she isn’t going to be going away any time soon. I’m not sure whether to celebrate or cry.

P.P.S While I study, DB is putting up a fake Christmas tree.  We’ve actually never had a Christmas tree the whole time we’ve been together (how sad is that?)  We have lots of ornaments, but no tree, mostly because we are never home around Christmas and the point of Christmas is, you know, Christ, and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t care if we have a tree or not.  But this year, I was determined to get a tree, but I was worried about it being a fire hazard (our house is 103 years old, and it is essentially a tinder box, and we are going away for 2 weeks over Christmas this year) so…DB bought a fake one today.

Can I say?  It is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.  Cheers to fake evergreen trees and no fire hazards!  Hee!  I’ll post some pictures in a few days when it’s actually looking Christmas-y.

Oh my gosh, it is so pathetic.  Poor tree!