OK, I was going to stick to the whole PW thing, right? But this is just too much:

What we’re having for dinner.

I am in class 4 nights/week, so I rarely eat dinner at home. This means DB generally eats spaghetti by himself (I hate long stringy noodles – it works out perfectly). Anyway, he had to go to the store last night to get some groceries (I guess we were out of spaghetti. This is not my area of expertise. Did I mention how much I hate long stringy noodles? We have tons of penne. That’s all you really need, right?)

Anyway, I called him this afternoon to find out what he wants for dinner tonight, since I don’t have class and I am busily avoiding a paper now. (I have a week to write said paper. PLENTY of time.) He said, “Waffles.” And I said, “We don’t have waffles.” And he said, “Yes, we do! I bought some yesterday! I bought a can of waffles!”


Yes, seriously. I looked in the fridge, and what I thought was whipped cream was definitely not. He bought a CAN – like whipped cream in a can – of ORGANIC fake batter.

On so many levels, this boggles the mind.

So that’s what’s for dinner. The organic Betty Crocker Spam.  He said, “I just thought the name was cool.”

Yep.  That’s how we select our foods:  By their alarmingly catchy names.

Has anyone heard of this?!? Has anyone tried it? I’ll let you know how it goes.

P.S. In case you are wondering how this might fit into seasonal eating? It doesn’t. At all. In fact, it is antithetical to the whole concept of eating seasonally. Yeppers, that’s us. Being all consistent.

And in case you are wondering, we are totally FAILED seasonal eating people.  Um, this is really hard.