Re: Batter Buster/blaster/whatever…

I mean, how could it be good if you squeeze it OUT OF A CAN!?!?

DB devoured his, and I looked at it with disdain. We went to bible study, came home, and by that point I was legitimately hungry, so…I tried it.


He finished mine.

P.S. Dude, click on the link. It sings a little song to you! (Don’t do it at work. People will really wonder about your sanity.)

P.P.S.  We topped it off with…wait for it….WHIPPED CREAM.  Which meant my entire meal came from CO2-pressured metal cans.  I am not dissing canned meals.  I am dissing meals that are 100% originated from hissing cans.

Ideas for dinner tonight?  Obviously I will need to visit a grocery store myself. 🙂