If you have a small child, know of a small child, or are planning to have a small child, or you have a husband that loves beer, check out Laurie at Pho For Five’s giveaways. She is giving away 12 different things over Christmas (ok, she’s already done one – I am a little slow) and they are all super cool – so check them out! The ones I am specifically interested in are the ones that make good gifts, like the Ambajam cuddle blanket and the Leapster and the Robeez shoes.

And you can win other things, too, like a Kegerator!

So go check it out. Some of the things I am not entering because the pressure is killing me (like what to stamp on the very adorable necklace)…I am not dealing well with pressure.

In other news, the deebster (get it? Leapster? Deebster?) and I are heading out west for a night for (me) to work. Poor Little went to the kennel. We debated bringing him, but decided we needed a night out (plus, I will be working for two days, which makes for not much fun).

And in my last news, I am going to say something really unpopular.

I hate Christmas trees.

Seriously. I hate them. I love Christmas but I hate the stupid tree. I have avoided a Christmas tree for the last 4 years in my house becuase we don’t have the space for it, but I have a lot of (really cute) ornaments that mean a LOT to me, and I decided we *needed* a tree this year.

This tree is just simply highlighting my inadequacy as a human being.

First, I did not know how tall 3′ was, and DB was going to buy said tree (fake, right? I already mentioned that) and he came home and this tree is UGLY. UGLY. But hey, whatever, it’s a tree, right?

So then I finished my exams, and it’s on to conquer the tree.

I have nowhere to put said tree.

I wracked my brain for ways to rearrange the furniture to incorporate the tree without a) tripping over it or b) making it look like we are growing a fake tree in the middle of the floor. (And did I mention the tree is really pathetic?)

When I could not figure out where to put the tree, I did what all hormonal women do:

I cried.


So now the tree is next to the couch, and the couch is moved over, one bookcase is in our bedroom, the other bookcase moved over, and I have rearranged various baskets around the room, and now it looks like we are insane people who live in 1/4 of the room while the rest of the room has nothing in it.


Except now I just looked over at the room again and it is FUNNY.  There is no way around this.  We have  a TREE next to our COUCH.  Who else reading this has a TREE sandwiched in between the WALL and their COUCH?!?  I want to use the polling mechanism here:  Where is your tree?  a) on the couch, b) next to the couch, c) in front of a pretty window all lit up and shining.

I am kind of going insane.  I started laughing maniacally with DB looking at me strangely when I realized that the tree (propped up on a basket – remember, we had a lot of moving baskets around here last night) is towering above my head and we look insane.

I really hate the tree.

So does anyone else feel the same way, or am I the biggest scrooge in the world? ARAGHAHGH!

P.S. Exactly WHY do we put trees in our houses to celebrate the birth of Christ? Anyone? Anyone?