So we have made peace, this Christmas tree and I.

It is still a lame little tree. It is pathetic. I will take a picture for you in a few days. I warn you, you will be underwhelmed.

But when I got home last night, DB and I hauled out the few ornaments we have (which, frankly, is plenty for this tiny tree). We put up lights. I pretended I was an adult and put out the other Christmas decorations, and hung two stockings…on the WALL (ok, dude, seriously. Where else was I going to hang them?!?) (I put them up while DB was walking Little. Let’s not exactly tell him that I kind of chipped the paint. We need smaller nails for projects like this).

I have to say, it looks nice enough. I mean, it’s a mess, but that takes a few minutes to fix, and the lights are nice.

So I know this is a dumb post, but I thought I should really update it. I’ll add a picture soon. I’ll even stand Little next to it so you can all see how lame it is. Plus, oh yeah – the dog bed made it *next to* the fake tree. Little was in a weird mood last night and tried to chew everything that was in his path – just to take a bite, not really to gnaw on it – and he kept trying to chase the lights. Like a cat.

I think he’s moved on now.

So we have our nice little dog bed, and our nice little tree, and some lights.

It was a nice time with DB (all 10 minutes of it) (did I mention how small the tree is?!?) and I think he is especially breathing a sigh of relief that we are done moving furniture. I mean, seriously – we moved the furniture at least 25 times on Friday night. It was *great* fun.

We just need to not mention the part about how the tree is blocking the closet that houses our toilet paper (and other paper products). No worries. We don’t need toilet paper, anyway…right?