So about 30 minutes after I turned in that last paper – no kidding – THIRTY MINUTES – my hard drive totally died  (Did that sound like Joe Biden in the VP debate?  Ha!).  I was editing a nice picture of my pathetic little Christmas tree, and I was going to post it with something that said, YES!!!!!!!  I’m DONE!!!!!!!!!!*, and, um, it died.  No warning.  Just kaput.

So we brought it into the Apple store, and the guy confirmed that yes, indeed, it died. 

Thankfully, I had backed up most of my pictures (and documents) a few weeks ago and I don’t delete what is on the card for a while, so I have most of the pictures saved somewhere (in some form), but I did lose a lot of documents.  It could be a lot worse.  But still…

I have no computer.  And nothing says ‘you have a serious addiction’ like losing the object of that addiction cold-turkey.

It turns out that we can get it fixed for free, because we paid for it with AmEx and even though we didn’t buy the extended warranty, it is still covered under the AmEx benefit, which is nice.  Yay!  But still, am without computer for now.  So very very sad.

At any rate, now we are in snowy, snowy, snowy Michigan, where DB’s family is.  We attended the funeral of a distant relative who lived to be over 100 (!!) and it was sparsely attended, mostly because of the snow, but also partially because, um, everyone around her had died already.  That was very sad, and it made me think a lot about whether it is really desireable to live for a long time.

And NOW we are all snowed out.  Holy crap, it snows a lot here.  I think they are up to something like 36 or 48 inches or so now, and there is another storm on the way.  Yippee!!

So that’s my news:  I finished my program (!!), I probably got a new job that sounds AWESOME (!!), and I am spending a lot of time in snowy, snowy, snowy Michigan wishing I had purchased the Uggs (or pseudo-Uggs – something similar) that my mom suggested when we were Christmas shopping the other day. 

I will probably not post for a while, because I am on my in-laws super slow computer and it is kind of painful.  I will, however, check email and try to respond. 

If I don’t get to this before Thursday, Merry Christmas to you all!  I will write a longer post when I have a computer later.   May we all experience the joys of the reason for this season. 

Blessings to all of you!

*Yeah, really, I’m done!  After four years of hell with this program, I am outta there with an accidental master’s!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!