Happy new year!

So we bought a car.  A new, bigger, car.  It was quite the process, and although it seems that talking ABOUT the purchase of something is way less exciting than talking about the drama leading up to the purchase, I’ll try to make it somewhat interesting anyway.

So I may have mentioned (a lot) that we needed a new car.  We have one car, and for the last 7 years, it’s been the VW Golf that I bought on my way to graduate school (the first one).  It was the perfect car for a single person.  Then I got married, and we got a massive dog, and we just kept…on…driving it.  DB calls it a clown car.  There were trips where it really bulged at the seams.

It also had some issues.  The sunroof leaked when it was on an incline and it rained, and the content of the trunk was soaked on many occasions.  (When DB was in Iraq, I decided to take matters into my own hands, ran into Target, and decided to buy a motorcycle cover and throw it over the car like a diaper.  By the time I went to check out, it had stopped raining, so I gave up the idea.)  It needed random defillibration – we needed to jump it regularly, but at irregular intervals.  We carried a self-starter in the car. 

So finally, with the economy tanking and car deals apparently good, we decided to bite the bullet.

We spend ALL. FREAKING. WEEK. on this.

First, we test drove the Jeep Liberty (new).   DB really, really, really wanted to buy from the Big 3 somehow.   It was rough and I was nauseated, even sitting in the front seat.  Next up was the ’09 Honda CR-V, which,  compared to the Liberty, was phenomenal.  I left that night hopeful for some progress.

The next day, we had to some other things – so we only tested one car, the Toyota RAV-4 (2008).  This was my favorite car.  Oh, how I really loved that car.  Anyway, it was powerful, smooth, and a good size.  It was also a bajillion dollars…for us.  We actually did attempt to deal on one, but we left disgusted at the price.  (The guy called the next day to try to get us back and hacked off another 2500 bucks, but, um, no).

The next day, despairing a bit, we hit up a used car megastore and tested yet another Jeep Liberty (used – I think 2007?).  Holy moly.  Our car salesperson insisted on sitting in the passenger seat (why?) and I almost made him stop the car (he drove when we were in the parking lot) to let me out, I was so nauseated.  I dry-heaved in the bathroom. 

The Jeep is not for us.

We fell in love with a (used) Toyota Highlander, but apparently we have great taste.  It was already sold.  We also feel in love with a Honda CR-V there, but ditto on the already sold status. 

It was a little sad.

That night, we decided to hit up the VW dealership.  We weren’t finding great things listed that were used, and my brother and sister-in-law had just purchased a VW Jetta Sportwagen.  (No, not a misspell.)  So we ran over to the VW dealership and jumped into a station wagon.

Now I am going to say a few things here.

Our goals for this new car were the following:

1)  Not a minivan.

2)  Able to fit the dog in the trunk and an (eventual) child in the backseat.

3)  All-wheel drive or 4WD.

4)  Automatic transmission.  I’ve driven a stick my entire driving life.  I was ready to drive with my left leg tucked under my butt.

We got to the VW lot.

We looked at the two wagons sitting there.

One was a stick shift.

DB said, “Can we just TRY it?!?”

So yep, that’s what we did.  We tested the stick.

I mean, we test-drove the automatic after that.  It was a really nice automatic.  But once DB felt the stick shift (and I will admit that it was a great stick – the pedal was very light and the gears kind of fell into place), he. was. in. love.

That, plus the stick was much cheaper than the automatic.  And remember, we were a little frantic about the prices of these cars.

We did some internet research.  DB found a model at the dealership in stock that was the bigger, faster engine, in a loaded model (it has memory seats!!!  We are SO EXCITED about this!  I can be kind of a PITA about the seats moving on me…I’m a little anal about some things, and we are nothing close to the same size) in a good price. 

The next day, we returned to the dealership (after shopping at another dealership and looking at the Subaru Outback.  Lest you wonder whether I tested a Subaru, after all that debate.  Yes, we did, and I loved how it drove (DB liked it, not loved it).  HOWEVER, it is really long in the front vs. the Jetta and about 75% of my parking is parallel parking – I didn’t want to deal with the extra length).

We negotiated.

And now we are the happy new owners of a black (front wheel drive) (manual transmission) Jetta Sportwagen.  Although we apparently failed to meet our original goals, we are still very excited.  Yay, us! The thing is, we’ve driven a front-wheel drive vehicle in the snow for the last 7 years and we’ve been fine.  And the guy pointed out that driving a manual for me is like second nature (which is true…right?)  Currently, I can eat, drink, talk on the phone, and drive a stick…in the city.    I mean, I try to do only one of those things at a time, but when it must happen – it can. 


(Stolen from the VW website.)

I am a little disturbed about a) it being new, and us being all into the environment (and failing), and b)  it being from Mexico, and us clubbing baby seals to get it, but unfortunately – it is the way the chips fell.  I will probably have nightmares about it.  I really honestly feel significant guilt about it.

That’s my car story.  Hopefully it didn’t bore you to tears! 

We are truly, truly blessed.  Blessed to be able to afford a new car, and blessed to be able to make the choice.

We are just praising God daily these days.  As we should, but this week especially has us rejoicing even more.