I wrote this whole long post about vaccines and autism.  Not really about research, because anyone can check out Dr. Google, but about my thoughts (as a professional in autism research) and our position (as a couple with a significantly increased genetic risk of having a child on the spectrum).  

Then I didn’t publish it.

Which, to my credit, is a Big Deal.  I usually just impulsively hit “publish” and wonder if I’ve pissed anyone off.  I mean, I hope I don’t, but sometimes I do.  And then I feel guilty about it for days, weeks, months.  

I’m not even kidding.

So I am going to sit on that post, and if you are interested in it, I will publish it later.  Anyone?

You know, I’ve also totally failed on the Patriot Act post.  Sorry about that.  I’ll get to that after finals – or maybe on Inauguration Day.  🙂  Yay, Inauguration Day!!

Speaking of Inauguration Day, I cannot wait for spring.

So anyone?  Vaccines?  What do you think, before I spout off my soapbox?  I was inspired to write it because of the Private Practice episode last night (did anyone see it?  Yes, sad, but not nearly as sad as some other episodes of late).

Speaking of sad, Grey’s Anatomy?!?  WTHeck?  Seriously?  Does Izzie have a brain tumor or something?  DB thinks that they just really regret ever killing off that dead guy.  I mean, didn’t he DIE already?!?

Back. to. cleaning.  

And studying.

And “forgetting” other various seemingly unimportant things.