A huge, GIGANTIC, hip hip hooray for the Relief Band!!!!!

I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to think.  I had it on all day.  I was dancing.  I cleaned the bathroom.  I ate some pasta.  I had to lay down a bit in the afternoon becuase I was feeling pukey, but it wasn’t BAD pukiness – just uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if it was the band, or just a really good day.

And then I decided to get ready to go to class (which unfortunately started tonight – oh, help me Lord get to this class every night…with my gradually worsening during the all-damn-day sickness) and I jumped in the shower.  Sans, of course, the shockwatch.

Oh my heavens.  I was back in the fetal position so fast…and then dry-heaved into a bucket as soon as I left the shower.

Shockwatch back on….happy, sitting up Rachel.

If that is not a rousing review, I do not know what is.

I mean, it is not perfect.  I can still feel the acid rising in my throat, which isn’t amazing, but I am no longer gagging with every bite. It is also expensive and not the greatest thing for the poor environment (which is reeling from my abominable pregnancy habits – how many grape tomato containers can we go through?!?  Even though we recycle, I don’t think it’s good enough…) because it requires a new battery every 150 hours, and if I wear it for all of my waking hours…that’s a lot of batteries. I will still be taking the B6, because maybe that will augment the performance of the shockwatch, and it can’t hurt, right?  Right.

But that aside…