on my dog.

I’m kind of couch-ridden, resigned to watching whatever we have on DVR (not much) and whatever is on daytime TV (which sucks).

Right now, we (Little and I – the cat is cruising around looking for trouble, and she seems to know that I am too pathetic to stop her) are watching the Dog Whisperer.

Little is watching it, cocking his head, like, “what’s going on there?” – while this little Jack Russell is terrorizing its owners.

I can see the wheels turning.  He better not be planning anything.


And, in a puking update, I got the shock watch today.  I put it on immediately.

I will say, I was a little depressed initially.  I stuck it on my left wrist and apparently it’s not my best wrist, because I couldn’t figure out where it was supposed to go and I was getting sicker and sicker and ahhhh noo I am not ready to start taking DRUGS yet (having stopped ALL medication for this, I am not ready at 7 weeks to start again, even a category B drug…not yet, unless I have to…and I am still holding down water, so I consider that to be the drawing line).  So I took it off, was sick, and sat back on the couch.

I will admit, I did cry.

And then I decided to check out the right wrist.

Hallelujah!  PRAISE GOD!!!!

In about 20 minutes, I got HUNGRY.  (!!)  Hungry!

And I ate!!

And I didn’t puke!

So far, so good.  I’m VERY hopeful here.  I am back on the couch (ie, we are watching stupid reruns of dog shows) but I am sitting up and not puking.


I also took B6 today, which may or may not be helpful as well – I am normally very anal about when to start medications (never two at a time, so I always know what is freaking out what) but today, I broke the rules out of desperation.  Which means I’ll probably be on the B6 + shockwatch cocktail until I can stomach the idea of not taking the B6.

Stay tuned…


Also, does Cesar ever put on his failure dogs?  He *must* fail, right?  I am more in love with Victoria Stilwell – it’s Me or the Dog.   I don’t watch too much Cesar Milan any more.  A more avid watcher – does he ever show cases where he hasn’t succeeded?

I am intentionally unpasswording this.  I seriously doubt anyone else reads this beyond the people who actually have the password, so it’s kind of dumb to protect it.