So I have to say – I am dejected.

This morning was the worst morning so far.

Up until now, I’ve woken up, had breakfast in bed (yes, my husband is amazing), spent an hour or so of happiness, then progressively got sicker until nighttime, when I finally collapsed and started the day again. There is vomiting at various points in there, including through the night.

Last night, I woke up, was about to vomit, and put on the Relief Band in a desperate attempt to stave off puking, and it worked.  I was PSYCHED.

This morning, however, was a different story.  I woke up with an insane migraine, which I was determined to ignore until I was about to vomit from the PAIN, plus DB was sick himself, so no breakfast, so I was all messed up.  I tried to eat something, it came back up, I eventually took one Tylenol for the headache, and then, with chills and patheticness, eventually got back to sleep.  The two of us slept until (this is embarassing) 1:00 pm.

I woke up when I dreamt about milkshakes and asked DB to make one.  🙂  It was delicious, although it basically served as a vehicle for whipped cream and marachino cherries, which apparently were the real reasons I wanted a milkshake.


So the jury is out.  I got a bit better over the afternoon, but this is my worst day so far.  Chills, headache, puking, shakes, dizziness – it felt like the plague.  Literally.  Minus the dying part.

The only evidence that I have that the Relief Band prevented things from being worse was that when I showered, again, I got sicker.  So perhaps I am just totally screwed.

Also?  I decided I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED a cinnamon raisin bagel tonight.  I rarely have cravings these days, so when I do, I try to capitalize on them.  We trucked out to Bruegger’s – they were closed.  CLOSED!  So we ended up at Panera, where I got many, many bagels (the kid behind the counter thought I was insane) and DB got some broccoli cheese soup.  Can I say?  That soup is the smelliest, most nauseating thing on the planet.  He even threw the container away outside, and I can STILL SMELL IT!

Out out damned spot…

But! In an effort to be positive, here is my thankfulness list:


b)  Classes just started yesterday, so I have not missed much (yet)…

c)  I had a pickle tonight and I realized why it is a stereotype for pregnant women to like them.  MMMMMMMmmmm it was DELICIOUS!

d)  I ate 10 marachino cherries and they were DELICIOUS as well

e)  I got to spend an entire workday with DB, who thought he was sick until he saw me.  We did not do so much except sleep but it was still fun.  (And no gutter minds.  Seriously, we slept.  And we are about to sleep some more in about 10 minutes)

f)  I did the research on Unisom, and it looks like that is my next step if tomorrow doesn’t improve, because this is not a way to live.  Epidemiological studies with n=180,000 are my kinds of studies.  I am not the kind of girl who takes things because someone tells her to, but I am the kind of girl who does a lot of my own research.

g)  I praise God DAILY that I have the lamest job on the face of the planet now.  I am so thankful that I am not the sole wage earner in our family, and that I have the total luxury of sitting on my ass being sick all day.  I know there are many, many, many women who get fired for absenteeism in this stage, and I am so insanely grateful that I am not in the position of needing to be concerned about that.

h)  I am also thankful that I do not have another child needing attention because I seriously question how it is that anyone functions like this.  I realize people do, and you all are amazing.

*I* am a total wuss.