At DB’s plea, and at my absolute wits’ end, I talked to the doctor’s office.  She said I really did try everything, and to try out the Unisom/B6 combination.

I took it an hour later, when my lunch was about to come back up (saltines, applesauce, and grape tomatoes…I mean, seriously.  We are not talking about a big, pushing-the-envelope meal here, right?) (I just have to keep justifying that I am taking something at almost 8 weeks for NVP).

What does it say about me that I am trying *really* hard to prepare for Bible study, and all I can think about is food?  Like all of the wonderful things I might be able to eat now?

Is this the Unisom talking, or am I getting better?  (This would be why, FYI, people stop taking anti-depressants when they feel great.)

All I know is that I am dreaming of a hummous wrap with lettuce and tomato, or a tomato/pesto/mozzarella sandwich, and those things have not sounded good to me in about a month.