So I have nothing but joy to report today.

I took the 1/2 unisom + 1/2 B6 last night, fell asleep, and woke up…with nothing but waking up.

Drove a friend to an eye doctor appointment, WAITED for the eye doctor for 3 hours (!!), drove her BACK to her house, then drove her to pick up her car, because it had been towed (whoops).

Although I did eat no less than 4 (FOUR) meals in that time period, I did not:

a) puke

b) curl up in a ball and wish I could puke

c) cry from the agony of not puking

And, in fact, it was ABSOLUTELY LOVELY.

Now, I will say that I originally planned on taking this *only* on the nights before I had class.  I figured that was a good idea.

By noon, I was thinking that this stuff was equivalent to crack, and I needed a new game plan.  My friend agreed.

DB also agreed, mostly because last night was the first night in many, many weeks that he got a full night of sleep.  Apparently, I am (as Mel’s husband Ali called her) the “queen of the fidget people” on this side of the pond, at least.  He said he woke up at 5:00 am feeling more refreshed than he had in weeks.

Basically, this is a win-win all around.

When I got home (after – drumroll, please – EIGHT HOURS OF DRIVING AROUND IN A CAR THAT PREVIOUSLY MADE ME VOMIT), I looked up Diclectin – aka – unisom + Vitamin B6, only marketed as one pill in our friendly country to the north – and *it* is rated by the Canadians as pregnancy category A.

Meaning, go nuts, Rach.

So, because I am really a wannabe Canadian, and more than that, I am a wannabe productive person, I am counting…




to bedtime.


Thanks, J & Tara, for the tip.

P.S.  I have another protected post brewing.  It is actually about something unrelated to barfing, believe it or not, and it is about adoption.  I also have some political posts brewing that will be without a password.  If you’ve recently started reading, you will need to email me for the password.