Has everyone else been watching the peanut recalls from the FDA?  Holy smokes!

It almost makes me wish I had followed through on my plan to avoid all peanut products – I tried it for about a week, then needed protein.  I did the research.

I concluded that to avoid peanuts was pretty much impossible, and I would screw up too many times to make it worth it.

Anyway, HOLY COW.  I have been checking Peter Pan‘s website every few days to reconfirm that it is, in fact, made from uncontaminated peanuts (as few peanuts as there are in Peter Pan PB…I mean, c’mon, I know that it’s not the healthiest thing out there…but man, it tastes SO GOOD!) and today I checked the FDA site.


All I have to say is…WOW.

(I mean, I have other things to say, like HOW THE HELL COULD IT GET THIS BAD?!?, but WOW is the most truncated version of that.)

And because the power of suggestion is very very strong for me, I now want Keebler PB crackers.

I think I am going to ask DB to buy some cheez-its so I can make my own!


I am not taking my physics final right now, but I am studying.  Hard.  I have so much to learn.  I hate physics. (Taking a break now.)

The exam is now on Monday or Tuesday.  Thank you, God.


The obligatory stomach update – I lost 3 pounds yesterday (I was up 2 the day before, so no real worries), kept water down, went my first full night without peeing in the last many, many weeks (silver lining), and kept down some cheesecake for dinner.  Don’t ask.

I am a big believer of listening to my body, and it said cheesecake.  Which, incidentally, was the only thing that stayed down, so chalk one up for the body.

I doubled the Unisom (to the normal dose) and feel okay today.  So far, so good.

(Of course, I ate cheesecake for breakfast.  We’ll see how well it goes from here on out, since I’m now out of cheesecake.)


I have this post brewing.  Well, I have one that is peripherally on adoption and on family.  I mentioned it before, and I have been writing it in my head.  So it’s coming.  I have a lot of thoughts on it and I usually have to wait for them to sort themselves out before anything I write sounds reasonable.

The other post is funny.  Like really, really, really funny.  About the other side effects of being with child.  Now, the only reason I do not post this one is that it is totally embarrassing, but hysterically funny.  As in, I giggle thinking about it.

Maybe now that I’ve built it up, it won’t be nearly so funny.

And now…back to physics.  Sigh.