So I know I mentioned (I think in the protected post, but this part was not the reason it was protected) that my friend is getting married in California and we were trying to figure out how to go there, go on vacation, etc…yes.  In the absence of airline points or miles, cause we…spent ours.

So we worked hard at figuring out where to go.  (It also turned out that our wedding anniversary is March 19th, the wedding is March 28th, and my spring break – gotta love the vestiges of undergraduate education – is that intervening week.)  We had many ideas, which I will not dredge up here, because it is honestl not so interesting.

Our ideal location had to have:  a) a range of food options, because I am the pickiest person on the face of the planet these days, and I will be 16 weeks, so not necessarily in the “I’m so happy to be preggers” zone, although I have been told by many people that I will be giddy by that stage, b)  mountains, and c) other entertainment, in case I am hurling and I cannot do much except walk around and eat.

So we chose…drumroll…Las Vegas!  I know, you are all laughing right now.  Stop!  I have never gambled a dime in my life (I’ve never been to Vegas) and the only time DB was there, he bought $3 of tokens or whatever, spent $2, and kept one as a souvenir.  We are not exactly the prototypes to help the City of Sin deal with the time’s economic woes.

BUT!  It has mountains, and hiking, and we can even drive to the Grand Canyon if we are up for the (rather long) drive.  And it has comedy shows.  And FOOD!  There is food EVERYwhere, apparently, including In-N-Out, which bodes well for my gut.

So…that’s our little vacation.  Then we’ll be driving back to So. Cal to see friends and see Christine get married!!!  I am so happy for her and I was really not sure if we could make the trip, but we are thrilled to be able to share in this occasion with her.  I met Christine at a World Relief meeting last year, and she has inspired me in so many ways over the last year.  We’ve worked together on a project and talked about so much more than public health.  It is such an honor to be able to share their wedding day with them.

Suffice it to say, it has been a great weekend.

In other news, I am also supposed to go to China with our church – actually, it is a small group going, and I am one of not-very-many – in, um, April.  Without DB.  I will be 21 weeks at that point, and I have been grappling with whether it is a good idea.  I am torn between really, really, really wanting to go and thinking that it, honestly, is a terrible idea.  It is a one-week trip that I have known about for about a year.  We need to tell the Chinese government our names (to procure the visas – the trip is with the official Chinese church but it is under very strict observation) by the end of the week.  I am torn.  Torn.

OK, back to physics.  Today was not the greatest day for the stomach.  I decided that a burger and fries sounded like a phenomenal meal, and my stomach did not agree. Lots of physics to do to compensate for the hours spent in the fetal position this afternoon.  Oops.

So…my question for you is…Vegas? The non-gambling side (which appears to be substantial)?  Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, must-see?  We plan to go to Red Rocks, and Zion, and find some sort of comedy show, and eat.  So any suggestions, we would be PSYCHED.  We’ll even take pictures and post them!  🙂

And if you are in the So Cal area, let us know!