Imagine my surprise opening Laura’s blog and seeing that somehow (your guess is as good as mine), she deemed my blog…

Fabulous?  Mine?

She must be behind 33 posts!  🙂

Ha ha, I crack myself up.  I have never actually gotten a blog award before!  I absolutely adore Laura’s blog – it is one of the first I click on when I see there is a new post – so for HER to award THIS puny little blog is pretty darn exciting! Thanks, Laura!

So I am supposed to award five more blogs.  This is going to be hard, since I am quite the blog-stalker and honestly LOVE lots and lots of blogs.  So here it goes, in no particular order:

1)  Always Sunrise Somewhere:  Christine is busy planning her wedding, but I love her blog.  In fact, my mom and I were just discussing her blog tonight (seriously!) and how my mom loved one of her posts so much that she wanted to know if she could forward it to her friend!  Christine is back in the States now (her blog is from her time in Rwanda) but I’m SURE she will update the blog when she sees that she has been awarded.  She, herself, is fabulous.

2)  Keeping on a theme here…Bird on a Bare Branch is written by my friend Jen in Mozambique.  Her current post is hilarious, so you should click on it RIGHT NOW so you can read it.  I know Jen from my time in grad school (in Michigan) and she is also a fabulous person.

OK, one more IRL person and then I am going to switch to bloggy people (although I have to say, everyone in the bloggy world that I read has already gotten this award!!):

3)  Weekly Adventures of a Girl on a Diet: So this is an unlikely blog for me to read, but Liz is a fabulous blogger because she indulges me when I beg her to write about things that have nothing to do with her Calorie Restricted study diet (she is trying to extend her life by eating less.  It is fascinating and something that I really would rather not do, which is good because it is totally contraindicated while growing a human).  Like her dog walker’s notes about her dog’s poop.  Seriously, this made me laugh so hard I almost peed in my pants.  Liz also helped initiate the cheesecake craving, which saved me a few meals.

Now on to bloggy people, all of whom are not necessarily going to notice that I awarded them something, but here goes!

4)  April at Monkey Dumplings.  April has three adorable kids, I love her politics, and she is hilarious.  I love it when she posts something.  Also, I blew her off accidentally when DB had just left for Iraq and I was researching Kyrgyzstan adoption, and she was STILL nice to me.  I adore April’s blog – it always makes me feel like somehow we could have a fun family, too!  (Her family always looks like they are having SO MUCH FUN.  I do not know how they do it in every single picture, but they do.)

5)  Small Things with Great Joy: Ginny is a source of total amazement to me.  In the space of about a month (or maybe two months – a really short period of time), her family grew from three kids to six when she delivered her youngest and adopted two from Liberia.  I love her blog.  She is so honest and her faith is amazing.  I always get very excited when she posts something new because I always, always, always learn something from it.  (She is also super busy with six kids, so I do not expect her to notice this!)

6) Erica at A Home for Haven:  I “met” Erica through Laura’s blog, and we have conversed about everything from obnoxious (entitled) adoptive parents to health issues.  She just returned home with her son from Vietnam.  I love to follow her progress in her journey with her son!  She was also recently on the Today show talking about adoption – you may have seen the segment.  Yep, that was Erica!

Other honorable mentions which I could not award (because they already got it anyway, or because they are not really blogging these days) include Nicki at Stepping on Legos and J at her blog that I will not link because I don’t think she wants me to and Shannon at Our Vietnamese Ladybug.  All of these women have awesome politics!  (I love reading things that make me feel like I am on the right track…as well as things that make me frustrated, but these women are of the former ilk…) I started reading Nicki and J when I was researching adoption ethics (in the very very beginning) and each of their blogs has educated me so much about things way, way, WAY beyond adoption…like on photography!  And parenting!  And homeschooling!  Things like that.

OK, that was hard.  Now for the five addictions…I have been thinking about these for 2 days now.

1)  The internet.  It is painful.  I am totally addicted and I do not know HOW people exist without it.  Like DB – he does not have it at work.  What kind of a cavelike existence is that?!?

2)  My animals.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my dog and cat.  In fact, this is going to sound totally insane, but I do not know how I will love a child as much as I love my pets. (Obviously it will happen, but I am being super honest here.  Also?  See #4.)  I can make myself cry when I think about losing one of the animals.  They curl up with me on the couch, and keep me warm when DB leaves down, and (especially the dog) has total, complete, unquestionably devoted love for both myself and DB.  I could seriously write a novel about how addicted I am to my animals.

Now that we are clear that I am insane…

3)  My most recent food item addiction is grapes.  That has been one consistent staple – grapes.  Other things (like cinnamon bread and cheesecake) come and go, but the grapes – grapes are my true friend.

4)  Unisom and Vitamin B6:  I don’t even know if I can count this, but I think they are just the best inventions since sliced bread (especially the B6 in little caplet form, and the Unisom with easily scored tablets).  In fact, if this post makes no sense, it is because I accidentally took the Unisom before typing it.  Chalk it up to that.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if your other addiction is…

5)  The toilet.  Sorry, it had to go there.  I have bonded with so many toilets of late, and I am just so thankful that they flush.

6) because the toilet was really gross:  My favorite hooded sweatshirt and my favorite sweatpants.  I don’t know if it is normal to be addicted to loungewear, but I think I am going to give ‘normal’ a run for its money with this list.  I LOVE SWEATS.  I walk in the door, strip off whatever hellacious pair of jeans I have on, and beeline for sweats.  If I had no sweats, I would be so, so, so very sad.