I was totally planning to NOT blog today.  But I have this to say, and it will be short, and it is (thankfully for you, I’m sure) not related to my gut.

I am totally concerned about Obama’s political capital.

I thought with Obama coming in with SUCH high public expectations and SUCH high approval ratings that he would sail gracefully and without a lot of drama through the entire first month of his presidency.  Seriously, I thought that.  I figured, “Who on Earth is going to want a public debacle with this guy, the most popular president to take office since…a long time ago?”  (You can tell I have done no research whatsoever for this post.  It’s a rough day today.  Sue me.)

But it turns out, I was totally wrong.

It scares me that he has gone around the country holding town hall meetings and press conferences and bringing Republicans and Democrats to the White House to watch the Superbowl, all to pass his economic stimulus bill.  I don’t even really care about the stimulus bill, if you want to know the truth.  What I care about is what the public thinks, because *that* is what is going to turn the economy around.  I majored in Economics, and although I frankly don’t remember much about it (sorry, my brain is a sieve and it’s way worse these days), I remember that the economy is, like, 90% related to psychology and only 10% related to everything we think it is related to.  So the less wrangling and thespianism that goes on over at the Hill, the better.  People will be less freaked out, they will slow down their trauma-inducing layoffs, the DOW will desist its traumatic plunges, and CNN will stop giving me a mycardial infarction on an hourly basis.

Pass the damn bill already.  Get on with it.

Here is why I am really concerned:

Do you remember Clinton and his campaign promise?  The one he made to reform health care?  Yeah, that one.  Well, it turns out that he got elected, right?  And then set to work to take care of some various political issues, including several that – oops – cost him a TON of political capital.  Then he proceeded to set up this massive task force, headed by his wife and this small man with what sounds like Little Man Syndrome (highly recommended text:  The System – it will give you a new insight and appreciation for Hilary) and by the time the task force was ready, and the President was ready, and the other political debacles had gotten sorted out (or not), it was too late.  Political capital spent.

You probably don’t remember it beyond the fact that Hilary’s health care program was a total embarrassment for the White House.

(Then, remember when the federal government shut down because of partisan bickering?  Yeah.  It was a great time for partisan politics.  I know because it was insanely cool to me, as a 16-year old working there.)

I say this because unfortunately, now we are in deeper $hit.

A lot of health care policy pundits saw Obama’s presidency as a PRIME opportunity for passing some much-needed, imperative health care legislation.  Health care is something I consider an imperative, similar to the “economic stimulus” bill that I am dubious will stimulate anything, although if it will give people a happier outlook, I’m all for it.

You might wonder why now (after weeks of this bickering) I am writing about this.

Well, for one, we (DB & I) have phenomenal health care.  We just got a bill for our 6-week ultrasound.  DB opened the bill, looked at me in shock, and said, “We don’t owe anything.”

That’s right, folks.  Our lovely government health insurance provides 100% of our prenatal healthcare expenses*.

Let that sink in a little.

How insanely logical is that?!?  Our littlest, most helpless citizens provided the very best level of coverage?

And THAT is our government health care!  (And it is not one bit like socialist health care at all, for those naysayers out there!  We go to a private hospital – one of the most highly rated in the COUNTRY!  We pick our own Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists!)

I cannot begin to wax about how incredibly blessed we are.  We are BLESSED.

And the basic health of America’s citizens should not be a source of anxiety for them, nor should it be the downfall for health care institutions that cannot be reimbursed for services rendered.

Health care is a RIGHT, not an option, and I am terribly concerned that in Obama’s bid to pass his stimulus bill, he is squandering critical political capital.

*Don’t get me started on how, if I deliver very early, our family will cost our poor health insurance company LITERALLY millions of dollars.  I am at high risk for this.  That is why we are seeing a MFM.  If you really want to know what I think, I think health insurance companies should cover a portion of the costs of an adoption, because *that* is the best deal they will *ever* get.  But who am I to say that to them?