This is going to be fast, but I want to remember all of this and so…you all get to read it.  (It is unlikely to be very interesting to any of you, though, so feel very free to skip on over this if you want.) (I will eventually PW-protect these since they will have health information in them.)

1)  Baby:  is swimming around, looking beanish and cute.  We are going to call him or her “Little Squirt” now, after my brother (who is 13 years younger than me) (yes, same parents, thanks for asking), who we called “Squirt” in utero.  Gecko baby, you’ve done well.  Congrats to graduating to a real name!

2)  Doctor:  is nice.  I was a little iffy about having an OB versus a midwife but after thinking about how much of a PITA I will be, I don’t know how I thought I was going to find a midwife.  I have lupus and what is called Sjogren’s Syndrome (look it up, it’s fun), which basically means I have no spit and can’t cry, but what it also means is that I am positive (very very positive – like I thought I could make some cash selling my antibodies before I got knocked up.  It’s some good cash!!!  I intent to revisit the idea after September) for two antibodies that cause fetal complete heart block.  CHB can be detected in utero but once it is, the baby must be treated with a pacemaker.  (I know, I rock as a mom.  I think it all the time.  This is one of my personal genetic gifts.)  The good news is that the baby will be most likely be perfectly fine (with a pacemaker if s/he has this complication) and very few infants die from this complication nowadays. (Also, the really good news is that women come from all over the country to see *this* doctor and my rheumatolgist for this problem, so it bodes very well for Little Squirt.  So yay for good medical care, again.  Cannot be overstated.)

Anyway…I also have severe anemia (see previous posts on that…the whole almost-dying thing, and the meat thing).  Basically, this all means that no midwife will *want* me, even if I really want to see that midwife.  It’s not exactly an option.  Plus, this doctor is very well-versed in when to start the fetal ECGs, how to handle them if something looks bad, how to handle kidney involvement in lupus (which I don’t have, but could), and how to differentiate a lupus flare from pre-eclampsia (clinically, they look very similar, and one indicates delivery and the other does not).

We’ll start the fetal ECGs every other week starting at 18 weeks.  Yippee!!  (What do you think that means for my job prospects?  They are dwindling, huh?!?  Obviously that is not the most important thing…but eeeeek….)

2.5)  Screening:  They were TOTALLY OKAY with not doing screening.  No questions, no raised eyebrows.  They said, “OK!” and went on their way.  I was stunned.  It was awesome.

Although now I am thinking that the NT scan would have been a fun way to see Little Squirt in more action…but it is not indicated.  So we are pretty comfortable with it.

3)  Kidneys:  I have to do a 24-urine thing, where I pee into a jug for 24 hours of my life.  I am dreading this.  I am supposed to find a “cool” place to keep it, “like a garage”.  WTH does that mean?  I live on the 2nd floor of a triple-decker.  We don’t have a garage.  And I am NOT STORING MY PEE IN THE FRIDGE.  So because I have no boundaries whatsoever, stay tuned for where we keep the jug o’ pee.  Yee-haw!

4)  Waterbirth:  is not an option, although she said they would work with us to do everything possible to eliminate the need for an epidural.  So that’s good…

5)  I was able to cross out all of the things I don’t want regarding birth plans (like no internal monitoring of the baby at delivery – if they can’t get a reading externally, get the baby out already), no med students (aka my colleagues from school – LORD HELP ME if I am in LABOR in front of people who are supposed to eventually have a professional relationship with me!!), etc.

So all in all, it was a good time.  And most importantly, the baby is HEALTHY!!!  And I gained 2 lbs (well, I’ve gained roughly 6-8 lbs since the week before Christmas, but that is chiefly due to stopping some medication that prevents me from eating enough…and the doctor was just TICKLED that I had gained those 6-8 pounds, so yay for me, I guess) (although I am struggling a bit with what is normal, having a history of some various body image problems) (but that is way beside the point) – so I gained 2 lbs, which we are all just happy about.  The bump is still there, but it is somewhat smaller, so perhaps it was just from bloat.  Which is embarassing but I am way over it.

So Little Squirt, get ready for the long haul!  You and I will be getting pretty cozy together!

And…in other news…I have two physics assignments due today, evaluating material that I haven’t studied, didn’t attend class to learn, and have absolutely no background in.  They are due in exactly 5 hours.  Go ahead, ask why I am blogging right now.

It is a good question.  The answer mainly lies in the fact that I am very very likely to forget something and I want to write it all down!