So after that little interlude, we are back to the thoughts o’ Rachel.  I’m sure you are all relieved!  Ha.  I am still funny.

1)  I popped my puking-in-complete-public cherry last night.  My school is sadistic and LOCKS THE DOORS that lead to the bathroom at night.  Someone (ahem) really needs to discuss that particular approach to security with them.  I climbed the stairs, howled at the locked door, and on my descent, plopped down (on the stairs) and yacked into a brown paper lunch bag.  (The lunch bag was in my bag for a very good reason.  See bullet point #2.)

And, because I am STILL not a quiet puker, the ENTIRE building could hear me vom.  Yeah, me!  DB had come to rescue me from class and stood there, helplessly.  He couldn’t even hold my hair back.  It was already in a ponytail.


On the up side, I felt *much* better after the event, which lent further credence to my theory that I was actually *sick*.  I had a fever and EVERYthing.

2)  It took me 48 hours to collect my 24 hour pee.  Yes, I officially rock.  I started the 24 hour pee on Monday, when I thought I’d have a rockin’ 24 hours at home to pee, pee, pee my day away.  Well, it just so happened that DB accidentally POURED MY PEE OUT!!!!! before I could dump it in the oil jug (I was GOING to pour it in there, but he had to pee so I told him to pee around the pan – I know you are all hanging on every word here) (seriously, we have some class.  I know this is going to be hard to believe at this point, but for reals, y’all, we do).  So I had placed the pee-pan thing on the seat of the toilet (I was IN A RUSH! I had to PEE!) and DB was MORE in a rush, and he LIFTED UP THE TOILET SEAT with the (FULL!!!!) pee pan on it.  And poured it out.

And I cried.

So yesterday I was more diligent (and Very Strict about when DB can pee) and successfully collected my Very Valuable pee.  I know you are all impressed.

I ended up keeping it in the fridge.  Go ahead, gag now.  I am.  I started with it on the porch but then when it looked like more of a process than the 24 hour pee would indicate, I moved it to the fridge.  (Yes, I dumped out what I had already collected, but…remnants?!?  GROSS! GROSS!  GROSS!  Even if pee is sterile, GROSS!!!)

This afternoon, I am going to run into the hospital and I have never been so thrilled in my life to part with…anything.

3)  I am going to puke again, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

4)  I find it fascinating that Obama gave his latest speech in Mesa, Arizona.  Take that, McC.  Hee hee.

5)  I really think I should write a post on the Patriot Act because the bad press is already starting about how the policies of the Bush and the Obama administrations are not going to differ much.  But, see, no one actually reads this blog (do you?) and also?  I am really behind in class.  Like remarkably so.

6)  We are replacing the floors.  They are going to look amazing.  I am looking forward to walking barefoot all over my house soon.

7)  CNN is beginning to drive me insane.

8)  Here is my to-do list:  call these people for work, call the hardwood people, puke, take a shower (probably in the reverse order, those last two), do physics lab (ugh), change sheets on bed, and do laundry.  A lot of laundry.

I used to ADORE doing laundry, when my laundry machine didn’t royally blow.  Now it kind of does.  You have to wash everything at least once, but dry it at least three times.  This means it takes 50 years to do one load.

I wish I could line dry things, but – oh yeah! – it’s really freezing cold outside.  Not gonna happen.

Plus, I had my PEE out there!