DB and I went to a dinner the other night at one of his coworker’s houses (yes, I made it.  It was, quite frankly, a miracle, but I made it, ate some delicious food, and made it all the way home – stopping to get a snack – before puking at home.  Go me!!)  He actually switched squads at work this week, so I feel like I can mention his previous position was with a joint task force, where there are law enforcement personnel from many different agencies (FBI, CIA, state police, city police, etc).

So after dinner, we started talking about hunting (Insert Rachel thinking about sleeping at this point – like on the coffee table) and then War Stories, shared by the guy from the state law enforcement force.  Prior to his time on the joint task force, he was a normal state trooper who cruised around pulling people over and such.

ANYway – here is my point.

He said late one night, he was driving home on the interstate in his cruiser and his wife was following (in their personal vehicle) with their two young children.  They were both driving in the left-hand lane.

All of a sudden, he looked up and saw headlights coming his direction.

He pulled into the middle lane, and prayed that his wife followed him.

Thankfully, she did.

He managed to flip his cruiser around and pull over the drunk driver who was cruising the WRONG DIRECTION on the highway late at night.

OK, here is the lifesaving advice for the week:

When driving late at night, do not drive in the left-hand lane of the highway for sustained periods of time, approaching the crest of a hil, or going around a bend.

Apparently, when drunk drivers enter the highway on an exit ramp, they immediately head for the far-most right-hand lane to them (which is the left-furthest lane to law-abiding citizens).

The state police guy said he’d seen many, many, many wrecks in the left-hand lane, caused by stupid drunk drivers driving in the far-left lane (thinking it was the slow lane).

Often, the first car in a line will see the oncoming car and pull into the middle lane in time, but any car behind them will collide with the drunk driver.

The impact of this crash is essentially the effect of going twice the oncoming car’s speed and ramming into a cement wall.  (There is some physics for you!)  What is even worse is that if there are ever survivors of this crash, they are usually the offending driver, whose blood is typically thinned by the alcohol they’ve had to drink.

So:  I repeat:  do not drive in the left-most lane of the highway except to pass on a straightaway, when you have good visual clearance of the road ahead.

And if someone ahead suddenly jerks into the middle road, follow them.

That is my Public Service Announcement for the world.  The guy described these wrecks so vividly – and said that they happened so frequently – that I decided all of you (my small but loyal following) needed to know.

Feel free to forward this on.

Drive safely this weekend!