Ours was kind of uneventful and unproductive.  Case in point:  I am waiting for a laundry load to dry on Monday  morning, because it didn’t get done over the weekend.  The laundry is critical for the rest of my week because it contains my only bra (stupid boobs), my only two pairs of jeans (stupid tummy), and my only shirts (although I did end up buying a few larger ones yesterday, because getting dressed in the morning and deciding on DB’s massive sweaters every day is getting a little…old?  Can I say that?  Although very very comfy….)

Last week I decided to look somewhat fashionable, and pulled out a blazer and a cute (form-fitting) sweater.  And walked out the door.

And promptly lost some blood circulation, because it was REALLY FREAKING TIGHT.

So then I caught a glance of myself walking by the mirror, and almost died in horror.  Yes.  That was me.  About two of me, actually.

It’s back to DB’s sweaters and my fat jeans.  Oh, and the Bella Banded jeans.  I tried that yesterday and it wasn’t terrible.  It sure doesn’t contain the bump, which is a real bump now, not bloat, but it held up the jeans okay.

(Side note:  I went into Mimi Maternity last night, in the mall.  HOLY MOLY!!!!!  I love love love this stupid shirt they have in their window, and it had some cute jeans with it, and I just casually went in to see how much the cute shirt with the cute jeans might cost – $68 for the SHIRT?  $118 for the jeans?  These are clothes I will wear for a minute, people!)



So in the second installment of Monday Morning’s Boring Post, I have a question for those of you who have been pregnant before:  water retention?  Specifically peeing, and being hydrated, but basically being unable to pee all that much?  Yes, it is an awesome question for the internets.  I am waiting for the doctor’s office to call back, because I think it is probably not an awesome sign to want to pee, and pee clear, but not pee that much.

I would be more concerned if my ankles or hands were swollen, or something, but they’re not.

So I have a question – where the hell is that water going?!?

Anyway, pray that this is a boring UTI or something…that would be so nice. Or that it’s normal.  Is it normal?

I CONSIDERED going to the ER on Saturday night to investigate this, BUT! had eaten some extremely salty popcorn that night and thought perhaps (?? I have amazing rationalization powers) that was it.  BUT!  No.  I also thought about paging the on-call physician, BUT! it was 2 am by the time I began to get concerned, AND! salty popcorn?

So I called this morning.  I am a very kind patient.

(**UPDATE:  Doctor’s office called back and I get to go pee in a cup in their office when…the laundry load finishes.  I have given them a whole ton of my pee these days!!**)


Speaking of salty popcorn, DB and I went to see “Taken” with another couple on Saturday.

**Spoiler alert** – if you are not a spoiler person, don’t read below.  Although seriously, the movie is insanely predictable.

We could NOT stop laughing at the part where the dad finds his daughter and slaughters the sheik.  I mean, seriously?  I think everyone around us was horrified, but SERIOUSLY!  Plus, DB and I have this conversation often, usually when watching ridiculous cop-and-negotiator movies:

Me:  If someone held a (knife/gun/torch) to my head, and dragged me out in front of you, would you shoot them in the head like that dude just did?

Him:  NO.  That is the dumbest thing you could ever do.

Me:  You mean you don’t love me?

Him:  NO!  I don’t want to shoot you!

And he is a pretty good shot.

So when the guy did that, after already killing about half the population of Paris, undeterred, we. cracked. up.

Anyway, we thought the movie was dumb, but it was a good distraction.  It was also not that scary, in case you were curious.  I thought it would be terrifying.

I was wrong.

So…that was our weekend.  How was yours?