So I really try not to blog this much.  I need to cut back.  But we need help.

Our condo is about 100 years old, and has these old, wide-plank pine floors in it.  The pine floors are certainly the original floors.  They are OLD OLD OLD, and splintering, and gashed in certain places.  (How much am I talking them up?)

Here, there is an example of them here, under Little:

pets_080929_055No, of course this picture is not remotely edited.  But isn’t Little’s restraint remarkable?  That is a piece of beef jerky.  I believe I was trying to learn how to use my camera in this picture.

ANYway, these floors (as you can actually kind of see from the board in the far lower left corner) are splintering, and I am concerned about a baby trying to crawl on them.  (Yes, I know that we have a ton of time before that happens.)  My dad also happens to be in town this month, so he’s offered to help DB fix the floors.

So the question:  to replace or refinish?

We had decided to replace.  It was more expensive and a huge mess, but it would be chemical-free and faster.  We picked out this very nice wood (Brazilian Koa – look at Lumber Liquidators for a sample) and ordered it, for delivery tomorrow.

Then I started to research “pine wood floors”.

And DAMN if they aren’t, like, valuable.


And apparently, even though the wood is soft, we can sand it lightly and cover it with polyurethane.  Which, although it will take about 5x longer, is apparently (APPARENTLY) more desirable from a real estate perspective.

(I really love the floors.  Really, I do.  I also really hate getting the Swiffer stuck on them, and I hate wearing shoes everywhere.  There is an argument to be made that replacing them is a good idea.  There is also an argument to be made that it is really unenvironmental to replace perfectly okay wood, and it is a LOT cheaper, especially for people who are in debt AND who are underwater with this property anyway.  There, I said it.  We are a tiny bit screwed.  Welcome to bad real estate purchases of 2005.)

(The other thing is that we could SELL the pine floors – !! – and recoup some of the cost.  Apparently there is a market for old pine floors.  Who knew?)

(The other OTHER thing is that apparently this tree that our floors are made from is no longer available for flooring – ?? – which makes me feel, like, UBER guilty.)

So here are my questions to you:

a)  Which is more valuable, to YOU:  refinished, but totally imperfect (as in gaps between the boards, plus some potential splinters that will hopefully be removed with some light sanding and polyurethane, or newer, prefinished hardwood floors with no imperfections?

b)  Have you ever refinished pine floors?

Anyone?  Help?

And…back to physics.  It had to get a shout-out there, somewhere.