A little levity (sort of):

Little is an exceptionally empathic dog.  I didn’t realize how insanely tuned in to my moods he was until recently, but he is (apparently) really in tune with our tone.  Really.

When I got pregnant, he was SO into my stomach.  Remember the post (that I am way, way, way too lazy to find, two months back) where he was humping the bed and I thought it was just insanity?  Yes.  He knew there was something up with that tummy.

When we lost the pregnancy, DB and I came back from our appointment on Wednesday, sobbing.  Sobbing, sobbing, sobbing.  We went through multiple tissue boxes, sobbing.

When we looked up, we realized that Little was crying, too.  His nose was running, his eyes were full of tears, and it was unmistakable:  our dog (yes, I said DOG, and I know you all are rolling your eyes now) was crying.  With us.

He did it multiple times.  He had ample opportunities, because we wailed, sobbed, and pleaded with God – a LOT.  And every time, I’d look up at his big, black eyes, staring at me (inches from my face), his nose dripping.

Our dog seriously cried with us.

(The night before the D&C, we also let him sleep with us, and he farted all. night. long.  Audibly.  I finally kicked him out at 4:30 because for the LOVE, people, seriously?!?  It added an interesting soundtrack to my sobs and prayers and mourning.)

Well, then I got sick.  As in, I didn’t heal from the D&C very well.  And Little, it seems, went on a poop embargo.

He moped.

He sighed.

He cuddled up in my legs on the couch.

He waited by the bathroom door for me during my interminable bathroom trips.

And although DB took him outside multiple times to relieve himself, he never pooped!

For two full days!

Finally, you will be relieved to know, tonight – after I stopped being so sick, and when I was finally able to sit up and not sob in pain – Little finally, finally pooped.

DB said, “I guess you’re feeling better.”

Now for the emotional healing.  Apparently my dog is relieved that physically, I’m on the road to recovery.