Here, a snippet of how *we* dealt with the last week:

On Wednesday, after being told that our baby had died and we had to decide when (not ‘if’ – see previous post; baby was too large) to have the D&C, and I was still in shock, having previously (pre-conception) decided that I would *never* have a D&C, that my body was TOTALLY CAPABLE of doing *everything* naturally…yeah.

So anyway, none of that is remotely funny and it is, in fact, very sad.

But ho, see this subsequent conversation:

NP: So you’ll give me a call today to let me know what you decide about the D&C tomorrow?

Me: Yes.

NP: OK.  And [verifying some contact information] is – [DB] – that is….[looking pointedly at the man sitting next to me] – [faltering] – um…you?

Me, just answering the question:  Yes.

DB, who is funny even when sad:  Wow, now THAT would be awkward, wouldn’t it? [If he was not, in fact, the man listed on my hospital information]

And thankfully, thankfully, we all laughed.