So we bit the bullet today and bought a meat grinder attachment for our KitchenAid.

For the iron-intensive-meat diet, I am p.i.c.k.y.  Because I really was a vegetarian for the last…16 years, and I still eat a vegetarian diet with the exception of 3 oz, 3x/week, of ground beef (for iron), I really only eat cows that had a SUPER healthy, happy life.  Like they ate grass, and didn’t get antibiotics, and…well, you get the picture.

Meat like this is not cheap.

So when DB was going to make chili (onion-free, of course) for us this week (note:  I also do not cook the meat.  I do not interact with it.  Really, I am pretty much a passive participant in all steps of the meat process, mostly because if I interact too much with it, I get really disgusted and cannot eat it for months, which is really costly), and he was heading to buy yet another $10 package of beef from the grocery store, I suggested that maybe we should *grind* our own meat.

Like, you know, we could buy *steak* and grind it up and, um, have really gourmet…chili.

DB reacted as though I had suggested that we…I am not in a position to think of a good analogy.  He was really excited.

So…we he is in the process of grinding our first meat here.  It was about 1/8th of the cost, and we can control a lot more of the fat, bacteria…etc about the meat.  I am actually kind of intrigued by the whole thing, although I looked over at what was coming out of the grinder into the bowl and I almost vomited.

And our kitchen kind of smells like a meat packing factory.

OK, so it’s not perfect.  But it should be interesting.  Has anyone reading this ever grinded their own meat?  Should we be doing something that wouldn’t be obvious? I did a quick Google search but then got yelled at by DB for not studying bio.

…which is, um, going.  Not well, but going.