Yes, I am on vacation and blogging about this.  It takes 4 minutes and I just discovered (or rediscovered) that I am *still* competitive, even for things that I am ONLY PERIPHERALLY RELATED TO (!!).

DB’s friend from law school – or at least, that’s where he knows her from; the details are kind of sketchy to me but only because I haven’t paid much attention – OK, the POINT – she is getting married.  In San Francisco.  In October.

Anyway, SF weddings are expensive, and I guess she entered this contest to win a free wedding for April, and she was kicking butt, but NOW she is SLIPPING.

So here is what you need to do:

Click here:

And vote for “”.

I think there was some early fraud in the contest (this has been going on for a WEEK, and people, I have VOTED EVERY DAY for the last WEEK!  Because I am a TOTAL LOSER!) and now you need to put in an email address and then verify your vote.  After voting all week, I can guarantee that you will not receive any junk mail whatsoever from this.

And the background – their wedding is reserved for two weeks after I was due.  It is really hard for me to still think about the “what ifs” – I’ve had some difficult days on this trip watching little kids and whatever.  She is a very close friend of DB’s and we really cannot AVOID this wedding, but if she gets married through this radio thing, the wedding will be in a week (hence the contest – this sounds like hell to me, but she is very excited) and she will hold a party in OUR city in October instead.

So it saves her a ton of money, it saves US a ton of money, and, um, it would make me feel like I sorta won something.  Kinda.

I am a total dork.

So, vote!!  Please?  Vote!

P.S.  Vacation – we have done what we planned to do 🙂  although it was adjusted to account for vertigo.  Oh, vertigo, how you suck.  Thankfully the vertigo is almost gone (as of yesterday) and we drove out to the Grand Canyon (yes, insanity) and managed to actually hike some of it.  A small hike.  There are ledges that seem to be kind of dangerous if you, um, get dizzy, and I can trigger the vertigo just by looking down.

I’ll leave you to imagine the funniness (?) that might ensue on a rocky trail.

We leave to drive back to LA today.