I just found out that my body is clear of hCG (pregnancy hormone) – finally, or already, depending on how you look at it.  It took 10 weeks from the D&C.

This is Very Exciting News, because it means my body was able to expel the trophoblastic material (what was part of the placenta) on its own.  There are molar pregnancies in which this does not happen, and those women need to have chemo.

After this point, for anyone who is curious, I need two more weekly tests that are negative, 3 more monthly tests, and then we are free to try to conceive, if we decide to do that.

Thanks for your prayers – this has not been a fun process at. all.

P.S.  I will publish the update to the toddler/3-year old post soon.  In the middle of finals now…but I haven’t forgotten.