Listen up!

Heather is an adoptive mom who is trying to raise $1750 to build a home for a family in Vietnam.  She has been trying to raise this money for a long time, and her deadline is the end of May (which is COMING UP) and she still needs people to donate.

She is also giving away a double stroller in exchange for a $10 donation.  Not many people have donated so far, so the chance of actually winning the stroller is HUGE. HOWEVER, if you do not want to win the stroller, you can still donate without entering the giveaway.  I am ashamed to admit that I did not donate until recently because I did not want to win the stroller!  I know, that’s pathetic, especially because we *have* seen desperate poverty and *have* felt called to help in some way.

BUT!  It’s better late than never.  So just go to Heather’s blog and donate!

Anyway, from Kelly‘s blog, because she explains it better and Laura already copied her, and although I don’t have many readers, they are, for the most part, different readers because you aren’t adoptive parents, so please think about contributing to Heather’s efforts:

From Kelly’s Blog:

For the past month or so, I’ve seen a fellow adoptive mom Heather trying to raise $1750 to build a home for a family in need in Vietnam through the group Giving It Back to Kids.   Her deadline is the end of this month and she is still not half-way to her goal, yet.

Unless you have been exposed to families in extreme poverty, unless you have seen how many live in third world countries, it is hard to understand the term “shack.”  A “shack” here in our country is not a “shack” in my son’s homeland.  A shack there is a 5 foot by 5 foot area built out of scrap that could house a family with several kids.

Imagine what we could do if everyone gave $10 to Heather’s project?  Even if ten of you do that, and then post this on your blogs, and then ten of your readers do the same, and on and on, we can get her to her goal.

If you have a blog, won’t you help us get the word out?  If you have food on your table, won’t you consider contributing $10 or $20 to a family who you will never meet, but whose world will be forever transformed by your generosity?

It may seem that a few people giving a few dollars can never make a difference, but that is just not true.  If you put a bucket under a dripping faucet, it may seem like it would never fill, but leave the bucket for a few days and that bucket will overflow with countless “insignificant” drops.

Go to Heather’s Blog and CHIP IN!